The Locations of Skyrim’s Drain Vitality Shout Mapped

Skyrim is an open-world action role-playing game that was developed by Bethesda Game Studios and released in 2011. One of the most exciting aspects of Skyrim is the vast array of locations that players can explore. From ancient ruins to sprawling cities, there is always something new to discover in this expansive game world. In this article, we will focus on the locations where players can find the Drain Vitality shout.

The Drain Vitality shout is a powerful tool that can be used to drain the health, magicka, and stamina of enemies. This shout is particularly useful for taking down powerful foes, such as dragons and other high-level enemies. There are two types of Drain Vitality shout: the Revered Dragon shout and the Legendary Dragon shout. Both of these shouts can be found in various locations throughout Skyrim.

One location where players can find the Drain Vitality shout is Dimhollow Cavern. This location is found in the Dawnguard DLC and is one of the highest-level locations in the game. The cavern is filled with powerful draugr, making it a challenging but rewarding location to explore. Inside the cavern, players will find a word wall that contains the Drain Vitality shout. However, before they can access the word wall, they must solve a small puzzle involving silver torch sconces. This puzzle can be tricky, but once players have solved it, they will be able to learn the Drain Vitality shout.

Another location where players can find the Drain Vitality shout is on the word wall in the large chamber of Dimhollow Crypt. This location is also found in the Dawnguard DLC and is known for its high-level enemies. Players must navigate through the crypt to reach the large chamber where they will find the word wall. The Drain Vitality shout can be found on this word wall, along with other powerful shouts that can be learned.

In addition to these locations, players may also encounter dragons that use the Drain Vitality shout. These dragons can be found throughout Skyrim and can be a formidable opponent. However, if players are able to defeat these dragons, they will be able to learn the Drain Vitality shout themselves.

The Drain Vitality shout is a powerful tool that can help players take down even the toughest foes in Skyrim. Whether players are exploring ancient ruins or battling dragons, the Drain Vitality shout can be a valuable asset in their arsenal. By exploring the locations mentioned in this article, players can learn this shout and become even more powerful in the world of Skyrim.

Are There Two Drain Vitality Shouts?

There are two Drain Vitality shouts in Skyrim’s Dragonborn DLC. These shouts are used by the Revered and Legendary dragons and have editor ids of DLC1DragonDrainVitalityShout06 and DLC1DragonDrainVitalityShout07, respectively. While both shouts share the same name, they differ in their effects. The first shout drains health and stamina from the target, while the second shout drains magicka in addition to health and stamina. It’s worth noting that in the Elder Scrolls Legends card game, the Drain Vitality card is based on the Drain Vitality shout in Skyrim.

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Why Do I Have 3 Different Drain Vitality Shouts?

It is possible to have three different Drain Vitality shouts in the game due to a bug caused by Dawnguard DLC. When learning the “Marked for Death” shout, the game may also teach the Dragonborn the second or third word of the Drain Vitality shout. This results in the player having three different Drain Vitality shouts, each with a different strength level. It is important to note that these extra shouts do not affect the functionality of the game and are harmless.

Is There A Word Wall In Dimhollow Cavern?

There is a Word Wall in Dimhollow Cavern. The location of the Word Wall is in the large chamber that is entered after finding Serana. In order to access the Word Wall, there is a small puzzle that needs to be solved. Specifically, the silver torch sconces in the floor need to be pushed to various positions until the purple fire ignites within each one. Once this puzzle is solved, the Word Wall can be accessed and a word for Drain Vitality can be learned.

Is There A Word Wall At Arcwind Point?

There is a Word Wall at Arcwind Point. This location can be found in the game Skyrim and is added with the Dawnguard DLC. The Word Wall at Arcwind Point contains the Drain Vitality shout, which is one of the highest level shouts in the game. The location is also known for being one of the toughest areas in the game due to the high level draugr enemies that can be encountered there. Additionally, players may encounter a legendary dragon at this location, even at mid-level, making it a challenging area to explore.


Skyrim is an expansive and immersive game that offers players a vast open world to explore. With its rich lore, diverse range of quests and characters, and stunning graphics, it has become a beloved classic among gamers. The addition of DLCs such as Dawnguard and Dragonborn only adds to the already impressive gameplay, providing players with even more content to enjoy. From epic battles with dragons to intricate puzzles and mysteries to solve, Skyrim truly has something for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just starting out, this game offers endless hours of entertainment and adventure.

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