The Menace of Skyrim’s The Forsworn Faction

The Forsworn are a notorious group of rebels in the world of Skyrim, known for their aggressive and violent tactics. These hostile NPCs are most commonly encountered in the Reach, whre they roam freely and attack anyone on sight.

Unlike other groups in the game, such as the Thieves Guild or the Dark Brotherhood, there is no option to join the Forsworn. However, players can side with them through a quest series, and completing this quest will make one area non-hostile.

The Forsworn are a dangerous group, and encounters with them are often accompanied by human remains scattered throughout their camps and redoubts. Their actions suggest that they are mostly evil, and their motivations are often unclear.

One notable quest involving the Forsworn is “No One Escapes Cidhna Mine.” If the player chooses to help Madanach during this quest, all the Forsworn in Druadach Redoubt will become friendly towards the player.

While the Forsworn are certainly a formidable foe, there are ways to defeat them. Equipping weapons with high damage output and using magic spells can be effective in combat. Additionally, using stealth tactics to sneak up on Forsworn can give players the element of surprise.

The Forsworn are a dangerous and aggressive group in the world of Skyrim. While players cannot join them, they can choose to side with them in a quest series. However, players should proceed with caution when encountering the Forsworn, as they are known for their violent tactics.

Can You Become A Forsworn In Skyrim?

It is not possible to become a member of the Forsworn in Skyrim. The Forsworn are a group of hostile NPCs that are commonly encountered in the Reach. While it is not possible to join them, there is a quest series in which the player can side with the Forsworn and one area will become non-hostile as a result. However, this does not make the player a member of the Forsworn, and they will still be considered an outsider by the group.

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Are The Forsworn Good?

The Forsworn are generally considered to be a group of evil individuals within the world of Skyrim. They are known for attacking the player character on sight, and their camps and redoubts are often littered with human remains. While there may be some individuals within the Forsworn who may have their own motivations or reasons for joining the group, overall their actions and behavior are characterized as being morally questionable at best. It should be noted, however, that there may be some players who find the Forsworn to be sympathetic or admire their cause, as they are fighting against the oppressive rule of the Empire in the Reach.

Do The Forsworn Become Friendly?

If the Dragonborn helped Madanach during the quest “No One Escapes Cidhna Mine,” then all the Forsworn in Druadach Redoubt will become friendly towards the player. This means that they will not attack on sight and will treat the player as an ally. It is important to note that this only applies to the Forsworn in Druadach Redoubt and not all Forsworn throughout Skyrim.

Can You Become Thane Of Markarth If You Side With The Forsworn?

It is not possible to become Thane of Markarth if you side with the Forsworn. The quest “The Forsworn Conspiracy” involves helping the Forsworn and betraying the local authorities in Markarth. This quest leads to the player being labeled as an enemy of the city and being unable to perform tasks such as purchasing property or being named Thane. Therefore, siding with the Forsworn in this quest will prevent you from becoming Thane of Markarth.


The Forsworn are a dangerous and hostile group that are prevalent in the Reach region of Skyrim. They are knon for their brutal tactics and willingness to attack anyone who crosses their path. While it is not possible to join the Forsworn, you can side with them through a quest series and one area will become non-hostile. However, the Forsworn are generally considered to be evil and are responsible for numerous atrocities, including the murder and mutilation of innocent people. It is important for the Dragonborn to exercise caution when dealing with the Forsworn, as they can be deadly opponents. the Forsworn add a unique and challenging element to the gameplay of Skyrim, making for a thrilling and immersive experience.

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