Where is the fuse in a GE window air conditioner?

Answered by Douglas Hiatt

To locate the fuse in a GE window air conditioner, you will need to access the disconnect or switch box. This box contains the controls of the main energy supply, including the fuse. Here are the steps to find it:

1. Start by locating the disconnect or switch box on your air conditioner. This box is usually located near the outdoor unit or on the side of the window air conditioner. It may be a small metal or plastic box with a hinged cover.

2. Once you have located the disconnect box, open it by lifting the hinged cover. This will give you access to the internal components, including the fuse.

3. Inside the disconnect box, you may find another cover or panel that protects the wiring and other components. In some models, this cover may need to be popped out or removed to access the fuse. Check for any screws or clips that may be holding it in place and remove them if necessary.

4. After removing the cover, you should now be able to see the fuse. It is usually a small, cylindrical device with metal ends. The fuse may be directly connected to the main power supply or located on a separate circuit board.

5. Carefully inspect the fuse to determine if it is blown or damaged. A blown fuse will have a broken filament or a visibly burnt appearance. If the fuse is intact, it may not be the cause of any electrical issues you are experiencing with your air conditioner.

Note: It is important to exercise caution when working with electrical components. If you are unsure or uncomfortable with handling the disconnect box or fuse, it is recommended to consult a professional technician or electrician for assistance.

The fuse in a GE window air conditioner can be found inside the disconnect or switch box. By opening the box and removing any covers, you should be able to locate the fuse and inspect it for any signs of damage.