What games have the Best and Worst Odds in an Online Casino for Players?

Casinos can be bread and butter and nightmares alike both figuratively and literally. If you go unprepared you can have a bad time. That’s right, every casino visit requires preparation. Why? Well, all the games shine bright, but they’re not all the same.

Similarities exist but also a lot of differences are present. What’s important to differ is the amount of money each game can bring your way, how hard it leans towards the casino, and how much it favors you as a player. That is why we are going to talk to you about casino titles with the worst and best odds regarding your chances of making a splash.

So, have a bit of patience and continue reading this article, and the next time when you’re in a gambling mood you must remember this article and do it as a part of the preparation you need whether you visit good old brick-and-mortar casinos or you’re trying your luck at one of the modern online casinos such as casino.fanduel.com. So, without further ado, take a minute of your time for this reading as we offer valuable insight for every aspiring gambler out there.


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Of course, we are going to start with a card game that provides the best odds for gamblers – blackjack. If you’re new to this card game you will be thrilled by the odds blackjack offers to players. The odds of a win at each hand of blackjack stands at 42%. Those are quite great odds let us tell you. The best part about it is that it is very easy to learn. Once you’re at the table, you only have to play against the dealer. You’re never pitted against other gamblers. This is amazing and for a casino card game, it is almost unbelievable. The rules are based on the principle of 21.

The dealer and the player draw cards and aim to reach 21 or close to it, without getting over 21. That’s it! It is one-on-one and the player is closer to 21 wins. When you look at it from a player’s viewpoint it is a game of luck and with the house edge set at 2% the odds you will be lucky if you are frequent enough. Of course, it is also a game of mathematics but counting cards is a no-go in every reputable casino so we’re not suggesting it. But, it is possible to mathematically beat blackjack making it even more interesting.


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Here, we have an even better option for you. When you play craps your chances at winning are almost 50%. One can wonder how casinos even allow this. Well, there’s also a 50% chance of losing. Now, that’s a split and risk every casino can accept.

For some people, craps are much better than blackjack because more players participate. You have a shooter who only wins if he gets 7 or eleven. If he misses these numbers he has to hit the number that he first got and follow it with a 7 to close the win. Other players bet against him on the fact that he’s going to hit or not. Now that you know this, you know where the 50% odds come from.


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Baccarat became an easy fan favorite with odds set at 44% to win it a hand. Players love the fact that they can place a bet on the other players and the banker. This is one of the card games that is on the rise in Las Vegas. Everyone draws a card and the side that’s closer to 9 is the one that wins. The downside is that the minimum bet is often set on numbers between $25 and $50.


Slots in an Online Casino
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Slowly but steadily we’ve come to the games that favor the house much more than it does the player. While slot machines are a joy for many people and a first choice for gamblers all over the world, you cannot win as much as you hope.

If you didn’t know slots are the games that give back casinos the most money from players. They are the powerhouses money makers. Some of these games have RTP set at a staggering 98%. So, while they might attract you with shiny colors and loud sounds in practice you should stay as far away from slot machines as possible.

The Wheel of Fortune

This is a game of luck as much as any other. You could even claim that it doesn’t belong in casinos but it does. House edge with this title is set at a very low 16%. The number of symbols on which you can bet is quite massive making your chances to win even slimmer. Yes, if you bet a lot and manage to hit, you can get big rewards. But, in the first section of this article, we talked about titles that are much more suitable for gamblers who want fair gaming and more chances to win. The Wheel of Fortune doesn’t offer this.


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If you’re a fan of the lottery you will adore Keno. But, you know that your odds of beating the lottery are slim, right? Well, the situation is similar with Keno. It is a game that offers a selection of 80 numbers. You can pick your numbers and the system will then draw 20 numbers out of 80 and if your numbers are drawn you win.

Depending on the rules you can pick a different set of numbers the more you hit the bigger the payout but with house edge set in the region between 25% and 30% you can tell that you’re not too favored against the house. Just like the previous two titles you’re better off avoiding Keno or approaching it with smaller bets.

Bottom Line

Every casino overflows with games in today’s times, and now you know which ones are better suited to players. House always wins is an old and true saying so you’re better off giving yourself higher chances of winning than possible with titles such as blackjack, baccarat, and craps. You can also try roulette and poker if you’re skilled enough for the latter, but the last three games we listed should be only played for fun on small amounts wagered. Now, go up and read this piece again if you’re about to hit the casino.