Who is Brida based on?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

Brida, the loyal companion of our hero, is a fictional character created by Bernard Cornwell in his historical novel series, “The Saxon Stories.” While there is no direct historical evidence of Brida’s existence, it is important to note that historical fiction often incorporates fictional characters to drive the narrative and provide a personal perspective on the events being portrayed. With that said, Brida’s character is likely inspired by the diverse and complex social dynamics of the time period.

During the 9th Century, Britain was undergoing significant changes due to the influx of different cultures and peoples. The Saxons, Britons, and Danes were all vying for control and power, resulting in a blending of cultures and intermixing of populations. It is within this context that Brida’s character emerges, representing a possible embodiment of the cultural exchange and complexity of the era.

Brida’s character is portrayed as a strong-willed and fiercely independent woman, embodying the spirit of a free-spirited Celt. She is depicted as having a deep connection to her Celtic roots, often displaying a spiritual and mystical side. This could be inspired by the Celtic traditions and beliefs that persisted in the British Isles, despite the influence of the Christian church.

Additionally, Brida’s character showcases the struggles of a woman navigating a male-dominated society. She is often seen challenging societal norms and expectations, defying traditional gender roles and expectations. This may be a reflection of the increasing agency and influence women gained during this time period, as they played crucial roles in various aspects of society, such as governance, trade, and even warfare.

While we can’t pin down a specific historical figure Brida is based on, her character serves to highlight the broader historical context and the experiences of women during this turbulent period. Brida’s story allows readers to explore the challenges, triumphs, and personal growth of a fictional character within the rich historical tapestry of the 9th Century.

Brida, the loyal companion in “The Saxon Stories,” is a fictional character who embodies the cultural complexity and social dynamics of the 9th Century. While she may not be directly based on a historical figure, her character represents the blending of cultures and the struggles faced by women during this time period. Through her experiences, readers gain insights into the diverse and ever-changing world of 9th Century Britain.