Can bourbon cherries get you drunk?

Answered by Stephen Mosley

Bourbon cherries, while delicious and infused with the flavors of bourbon, are not likely to get you drunk. The alcohol content in bourbon-soaked cherries is relatively low, as the cherries absorb only a small amount of the bourbon during the soaking process.

To understand why bourbon cherries won’t get you drunk, it’s important to consider the amount of alcohol that can be absorbed by the cherries. The cherries soak up some of the bourbon, but the alcohol content in the cherries is diluted due to the moisture content of the fruit. The cherries themselves do not have a high alcohol content, and the amount of bourbon they absorb is relatively small.

Additionally, when you consume bourbon cherries, you typically eat them in moderation. A few cherries as a garnish or topping for a dessert or cocktail will not contain enough alcohol to have a significant impact on your blood alcohol content. It would take consuming a large quantity of bourbon cherries to even come close to feeling the effects of alcohol.

That being said, it’s always important to consume alcohol responsibly and be aware of your own tolerance and limits. If you have a low alcohol tolerance or are sensitive to alcohol, it’s best to enjoy bourbon cherries in moderation or avoid them altogether.

While bourbon cherries have a delicious boozy flavor, it is unlikely that they will get you drunk. The small amount of alcohol absorbed by the cherries, combined with the moderation in which they are typically consumed, makes it highly unlikely to experience any significant intoxication from enjoying these tasty treats. So, feel free to indulge in bourbon cherries without worrying about getting drunk.