The Day Lori Becomes a Walking Dead

Lori Grimes, portrayed by Sarah Wayne Callies, is a significant character in the popular TV series, The Walking Dead. Her storyline is filled with tragedy and a heartbreaking demise that left viewers shocked and devastated. In season 3, Lori meets a tragic end during the assault on the prison by the Governor and his forces.

Lori’s death occurs during a chaotic and intense moment in the series. She had given birth to her daughter, Judith, whom she shares with her former lover and best friend, Shane Walsh. However, the joy of bringing a new life into the world quickly turns into despair as the prison is overrun by the Governor’s forces.

As the chaos ensues, Lori is seen fleeing with Judith in her arms. Unfortunately, she becomes a target of the Governor’s soldiers, specifically Lilly Caul. Under the Governor’s orders, Lilly shoots Lori in the back with a shotgun, causing her to fall and inadvertently crush Judith in the process. The devastating turn of events leaves both Rick, Lori’s husband, and Carl, her son, emotionally shattered.

While this is the official account of Lori’s demise, there is an interesting deleted scene that showcases her transformation into a walker. The scene reveals a decayed version of Lori, now a member of the undead. Though this scene didn’t make it into the final cut, it adds an eerie and haunting aspect to Lori’s fate.

Lori’s death in The Walking Dead was a pivotal moment in the series, marking a turning point for Rick and Carl’s characters. It showcased the brutal and unforgiving nature of the post-apocalyptic world they inhabit, where even the strongest bonds can be shattered in an instant.

Lori’s death in The Walking Dead season 3 was a tragic and emotional event. It served as a reminder of the constant danger and loss that the characters face in their fight for survival. The impact of her demise continues to resonate throughout the series, shaping the actions and motivations of those left behind.

Does Lori Turn Into A Walker?

In The Walking Dead season 3, Lori Grimes, portrayed by Sarah Wayne Callies, does turn into a walker. However, it is important to note that this transformation occurs in a deleted scene and not in the main storyline of the show.

In the main storyline, Lori meets a tragic fate during childbirth. Due to the lack of medical facilities and resources in the post-apocalyptic world, her son, Judith, is delivered via a makeshift C-section performed by Maggie Greene (played by Lauren Cohan). Unfortunately, the procedure leads to Lori’s death.

In the deleted scene, which can be found as an extra on certain DVD releases, Lori’s corpse reanimates as a walker. This scene provides a haunting visual of Lori as a decayed and undead creature. However, it is important to remember that this scene is not considered canon within the show’s narrative.

Bullet points:
– Lori Grimes turns into a walker in a deleted scene from The Walking Dead season 3.
– This scene is not part of the main storyline and is only available as an extra on certain DVD releases.
– In the main storyline, Lori dies during childbirth and does not reanimate as a walker.

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Does Lori’s Baby Die?

In the TV series “The Walking Dead,” Lori Grimes gives birth to a baby girl named Judith. However, baby Judith’s fate takes a tragic turn during the Governor’s assault on the prison. While Lori is trying to escape the chaos while cradling her newborn, one of the Governor’s soldiers, Lilly Caul, shoots and kills Lori. Unfortunately, baby Judith is also killed in the process. This unfortunate event marks the end of baby Judith’s life in the series.

What Happens To Laurie In Walking Dead?

In the Walking Dead series, Lori Grimes, the wife of main character Rick Grimes, meets a tragic fate during the prison assault led by the Governor. The Governor’s ally, Lilly Caul, receives orders from the Governor to shoot Lori in the back with a shotgun. As a result, Lori falls while holding her baby daughter, Judith, causing her to be crushed under her weight.

Lori’s death has a profound impact on both Rick and their son Carl. They are left devastated and emotionally shattered by the loss of their beloved wife and mother. This event marks a significant turning point in the storyline, as Rick and Carl must now navigate the dangerous post-apocalyptic world without Lori’s guidance and support.

It is important to note that the Walking Dead series is known for its intense and often graphic scenes, exploring the harsh realities of survival in a zombie-infested world. The death of Lori is one of many shocking and dramatic moments that occur throughout the series.


Lori Grimes’ journey in The Walking Dead was a tragic and heart-wrenching one. From her affair with Shane Walsh to the birth of her daughter Judith, Lori faced numerous challenges and ultimately met her demise during the Governor’s assault on the prison. The deleted scene that turned her into a decayed walker further emphasized the brutality of the apocalypse and the loss of humanity. Lori’s death had a profound impact on her husband Rick and son Carl, leaving them emotionally devastated. Her character added depth and complexity to the show, showcasing the harsh realities and sacrifices of survival in a post-apocalyptic world.

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