Why does she wear a red wedding dress in about time?

Answered by Frank Schwing

When it comes to the red wedding dress worn by the character in “About Time,” I can tell you that it was actually Richard’s idea. It was written in the script, and I remember thinking it was an interesting choice. I never really asked him why he specifically wanted a red dress, but I trusted his vision for the character.

In terms of the costume itself, it was a collaborative effort between the costume department and myself. We wanted to find the perfect dress that would capture the essence of the character while also being visually striking on screen.

The dress we ended up using was a vintage piece that needed some updating. We made some alterations to ensure it fit the character and the overall aesthetic of the film. I believe we combined different elements from a few different dresses to create the final look.

Working on the costume for this particular scene was quite exciting. I loved the challenge of finding the right balance between vintage and modern, and the red color added a boldness and sense of uniqueness to the character’s wedding attire. It was definitely a departure from the traditional white wedding dress, but it worked well within the context of the film.

The decision to have the character wear a red wedding dress in “About Time” was Richard’s creative choice. It added an element of surprise and individuality to the character’s wedding day, and I think it helped to make the scene memorable.