Discover the Trigger of Lizzie’s Dramatic Transformation

In the supernatural world of Legacies, Lizzie Saltzman finds herself facing a multitude of challenges. The daughter of Alaric Saltzman, a prominent character from The Vampire Diaries, Lizzie’s life takes a dramatic turn when she is turned into a vampire. But who exactly is responsible for this transformation?

It all begins when Lizzie’s sister, Josie, decides to leave the Salvatore School, a renowned institution for supernatural beings. This departure leaves Lizzie feeling abandoned and alone, adding to the already complicated situation she finds herself in. As a Siphoner, Lizzie possesses the ability to siphon magic from other sources, making her a unique and powerful witch. However, Siphoners are often seen as abominations by other witches.

During her quest to kill Hope, the main protagonist of Legacies and a powerful Tribrid, Lizzie inadvertently becomes a vampire. In an unexpected twist, she purposely ingests vampire blood, knowing that it will trigger her transition into a vampire/witch hybrid known as a Heretic. This decision proves to be a game-changer for Lizzie, as she now possesses both vampire and witch abilities.

But what led Lizzie to make this fateful choice? It all comes down to her desire for power and control. Lizzie’s life has been filled with insecurities and a constant need to prove herself. Becoming a vampire/witch hybrid gives her the strength and abilities she believes she needs to assert herself in the supernatural world. In a way, this transformation represents a turning point in her character development.

Interestingly, it is revealed that the blood Lizzie ingested to trigger her transition came from none other than Hope Mikaelson, the Tribrid herself. This revelation adds another layer of complexity to Lizzie’s story. Hope unintentionally becomes Lizzie’s sire, a bond that connects the two characters in a unique and powerful way.

As a Heretic, Lizzie now possesses the strengths of both vampires and witches. She can use magic, unlike traditional vampires, and has enhanced physical abilities. This newfound power presents Lizzie with both opportunities and challenges. She must navigate her dual nature and find a balance between her vampire and witch sides.

Lizzie Saltzman’s transformation into a vampire is a pivotal moment in her character arc. It is a decision driven by her desire for power and control, as well as her need to prove herself in the supernatural world. Becoming a vampire/witch hybrid, or Heretic, grants Lizzie incredible abilities and connects her to Hope Mikaelson as her sire. This new chapter in Lizzie’s life sets the stage for further exploration of her character and the challenges she will face in Legacies.

How Did Lizzie Become A Vampire?

Lizzie Saltzman, a character in the TV show “Legacies,” became a vampire during a pivotal storyline in the series. Here’s a detailed explanation of how this transformation occurred:

1. The Quest to Kill Hope: Lizzie had developed a deep resentment towards Hope Mikaelson, the main protagonist of the show. In an attempt to rid the world of Hope’s influence, Lizzie embarked on a dangerous quest to kill her.

2. The Merge Ritual: As part of her plan to eliminate Hope, Lizzie decided to participate in the “Merge” ritual. The Merge is a traditional ritual among the Gemini coven, to which Lizzie and her sister Josie belong. It involves two members of the coven, usually twins, fighting until one emerges as the sole leader of the coven.

3. Lizzie’s Desperation: Lizzie’s motivation for engaging in the Merge was driven by her desire to gain the power necessary to defeat Hope. She believed that by becoming the leader of the coven, she would have the strength to accomplish her goal.

4. Unexpected Consequences: During the intense battle of the Merge, Lizzie’s desperation and determination led her to push herself beyond her limits. In a twist of fate, she was killed by her sister Josie, who emerged as the victor.

5. Transition into a Vampire: However, instead of dying permanently, Lizzie’s death triggered the dormant vampire gene within her. As a result, she transitioned into a vampire, gaining the inherent abilities and vulnerabilities associated with vampirism.

6. Adjusting to Vampirism: Lizzie had to adapt to her newfound vampire abilities, including superhuman strength, speed, and enhanced senses. She also had to face the challenges that come with being a vampire, such as the need to drink blood to survive and heightened emotions.

It is worth noting that Lizzie’s transformation into a vampire was a significant turning point in her character arc. It added new layers to her personality and introduced fresh storylines for her to explore.

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How Did Lizzie Become A Heretic?

Lizzie Saltzman, a character from The Vampire Diaries spin-off series Legacies, became a heretic through a unique set of circumstances. In the show’s mythology, heretics are vampire-witch hybrids who possess both vampire and witch powers.

Lizzie, along with her sister Josie, are siphoners, a rare type of witch who can siphon magic from other sources. However, siphoners are considered abominations by the witch community, as they cannot generate their own magic and rely on siphoning it from other witches, objects, or supernatural entities.

During an event called the Merge, which is a ritual where the twins’ powers are combined and only one of them can survive, Lizzie and Josie decided to find a way to avoid this deadly outcome. They sought help from a vampire named Caroline Forbes, their mother, who was also a siphoner in her human life.

Caroline, being a former heretic herself, suggested that the twins could become heretics to gain immortality and avoid the Merge. To achieve this, they needed to undergo a transformation spell performed by a powerful witch. This spell would turn them into vampires while retaining their magical abilities as siphoners.

Ultimately, Lizzie and Josie chose to become heretics, and with the help of the transformation spell, they successfully merged their siphoner powers with vampiric traits. As heretics, they gained the ability to use magic even though they were vampires, making them powerful and unique hybrids within the supernatural world.

Lizzie became a heretic through a transformation spell that merged her siphoner powers with vampiric traits, enabling her to use magic as a vampire. This decision was made in order to avoid the deadly consequences of the Merge, a ritual that would have forced the twins to compete for survival.

Did Hope Turn Lizzie Into A Vampire?

Hope did not turn Lizzie into a vampire. In the last episode, Hope “killed” Lizzie, but what she didn’t realize was that Lizzie had consumed vampire blood prior to that. This caused Lizzie to enter the transition phase, where she would become a vampire. However, Lizzie is not just a vampire, she is also a witch. This unique combination of vampire and witch powers makes her a Heretic, which is a vampire/witch hybrid. So, while Hope inadvertently triggered Lizzie’s transition, she did not directly turn her into a vampire.

Whose Blood Turned Lizzie?

Lizzie Saltzman, a character in Legacies, was turned into a vampire by ingesting the blood of Tribrid Hope Mikaelson. This occurred in an episode of Legacies season 4. The blood of a Tribrid, which is a hybrid of a vampire, werewolf, and witch, is extremely powerful and has the ability to turn humans into vampires. In this particular instance, Lizzie unknowingly consumed Hope’s blood, which resulted in her becoming a vampire.

Hope Mikaelson, played by Danielle Rose Russell, is the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall from The Originals series. As a Tribrid, Hope possesses the powers of all three supernatural species, making her blood particularly potent. When Lizzie consumed Hope’s blood, it triggered the transformation into a vampire, as is the usual process in the Legacies universe.

It is important to note that a sire bond is formed between a vampire and their progeny, meaning that the vampire who turns another has a strong influence over their actions and emotions. In Lizzie’s case, Hope becomes her sire since Lizzie was turned by drinking her blood. This means that Hope has a significant impact on Lizzie’s life as a vampire, and Lizzie’s actions and feelings can be influenced by her sire.


Lizzie Saltzman’s journey in Legacies season 4 has been filled with dramatic twists and turns. From her father’s coma to her sister leaving the Salvatore School, Lizzie has faced numerous challenges. However, her transformation into a vampire/witch hybrid, known as a Heretic, has added an entirely new layer to her character.

As a Siphoner, Lizzie was already considered an abomination by witches, but her newfound abilities as a Heretic allow her to continue practicing magic even though she is now a vampire. This unique combination of powers makes her a formidable force and sets her apart from other characters in the show.

Furthermore, Lizzie’s transition into a Heretic was not without its complications. Initially, she was killed by Hope, unaware that Lizzie had purposely ingested vampire blood. This unexpected turn of events led to Lizzie awakening in transition, ultimately making Hope her sire. This revelation adds an intriguing dynamic to their relationship and opens up possibilities for future storylines.

Lizzie’s transformation into a Heretic has breathed new life into her character and has the potential to shape her arc in Legacies season 4. As fans eagerly await the continuation of the series, it will be exciting to see how Lizzie navigates her hybrid nature and the challenges it presents.

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