What race is ban from 7Ds?

Answered by Willie Powers

Ban from the Seven Deadly Sins is an immortal human. His race is not explicitly stated in the series, but it is clear that he is not a regular human. Ban’s immortality comes from drinking from the Fountain of Youth, which grants him eternal life. This unique ability sets him apart from other humans and makes him a formidable and long-lasting member of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Being an immortal human gives Ban a distinct advantage in battles and allows him to survive injuries that would be fatal to ordinary humans. He can regenerate from almost any wound, making him virtually indestructible. This immortality has its drawbacks as well, as Ban is sentenced to a life without aging or dying, which can be seen as a curse in some ways.

Ban’s immortality also grants him a deep understanding of the passage of time and the value of life. He has witnessed countless generations come and go, giving him a unique perspective on mortality and the fleeting nature of existence. This knowledge has shaped his personality and outlook on life, making him somewhat detached and cynical at times.

In addition to his immortality, Ban is known for his unique ability called Snatch. This power allows him to steal the physical abilities of others temporarily, giving him a significant advantage in combat. By snatching the strength, speed, or agility of his opponents, Ban can surpass their limits and overpower even the strongest adversaries.

Ban’s Sacred Treasure, the Holy Rod Courechouse, also enhances his combat abilities. This weapon, combined with his immortality and Snatch ability, makes Ban a formidable force to be reckoned with. He is often portrayed as a reckless and carefree character, unafraid to take risks and push his limits in battle.

Ban from the Seven Deadly Sins is an immortal human who gained his eternal life by drinking from the Fountain of Youth. His unique abilities, including immortality and Snatch, set him apart from regular humans and make him a powerful member of the Seven Deadly Sins.