What not to say to a Leo?

Answered by Willie Powers

When it comes to interacting with a Leo, there are certain things you should avoid saying if you want to maintain a positive relationship. One thing you should never tell a Leo is to “let go.” Leos have a tendency to hold onto their feelings and emotions, keeping them hidden from others. They see expressing vulnerability as a sign of weakness and prefer to maintain a strong and composed image.

If you suggest that a Leo should let go of something, whether it be a grudge, a past hurt, or a difficult situation, they may become defensive and resistant. Leos are known for their strong willpower and determination, and they may see letting go as a form of giving up. They are likely to hold onto things until they feel they have found a satisfactory resolution.

Furthermore, Leos often value their privacy and may not feel comfortable discussing their innermost thoughts and emotions in public. They prefer to maintain a sense of control over their image and may feel exposed or vulnerable when forced to open up. Telling a Leo to let go in a public setting can make them feel uncomfortable and may even strain your relationship with them.

It’s important to respect a Leo’s boundaries and understand that they may have their own reasons for holding onto certain things. Instead of pressuring them to let go, it’s more productive to offer support and understanding. Encourage them to confide in you if they feel comfortable, but also give them the space they need to process their emotions in their own time.

It’s best to avoid telling a Leo to let go of things. They value their privacy and may interpret it as a sign of weakness. Instead, offer support and understanding, allowing them to process their emotions at their own pace. By respecting their boundaries, you can foster a stronger and more positive relationship with a Leo.