Was the DeBarge father white?

Answered by Cody Janus

It is true that Robert DeBarge Sr., the father of the DeBarge siblings, was white. This fact has been well-documented in various sources. Robert DeBarge Sr. was married to Etterlene DeBarge, who is black, and they had several children together, including the members of the musical group DeBarge.

The racial dynamics within the DeBarge family were complex and undoubtedly had an impact on their lives. Growing up biracial in a racially charged society can bring its own set of challenges and identity struggles. The DeBarge siblings had to navigate both their black and white heritage, which may have influenced their experiences and perspectives.

In addition to the racial dynamics, there were also reports of domestic violence within the DeBarge family. It is said that Robert DeBarge Sr. was a domineering and physically abusive husband to Etterlene DeBarge. Such an environment can have lasting effects on the children who witness and experience such violence, leading to emotional and psychological trauma.

Understanding the background of the DeBarge family helps shed light on the struggles and challenges they faced, which may have contributed to their personal choices and behaviors later in life. Substance abuse can often be a coping mechanism for individuals who have experienced trauma and pain. While it is not possible to directly link Robert DeBarge Sr.’s actions to his children’s drug use, it is important to acknowledge the potential impact of their upbringing on their subsequent struggles.

It is worth noting that this information is based on publicly available sources and may not capture the full complexity of the DeBarge family’s experiences. Each individual’s journey and choices are multifaceted and influenced by a range of factors.