What is the best Y level for Netherite bedrock?

Answered by Frank Schwing

The best Y level for finding Netherite in the Nether is at coordinate Y = 12. This level is often referred to as the “sweet spot” because it provides the highest chance of encountering Netherite while strip mining. Strip mining involves creating long tunnels at a specific Y level to maximize resource gathering efficiency.

To understand why Y = 12 is the optimal level, it’s important to know a bit about Netherite generation mechanics. Netherite is a rare material that spawns in ancient debris veins within the Nether. Ancient debris can be found between Y levels 8 to 22, but Y = 12 offers the best balance between accessibility and resource density.

At Y = 12, you are positioned just above the lava oceans that dominate the lower parts of the Nether. This level is low enough to be within the range of ancient debris generation, but high enough to avoid being submerged in lava or running into lava lakes, which can make mining treacherous and time-consuming.

Strip mining at Y = 12 allows you to create long tunnels in both the north-south and east-west directions, increasing your chances of encountering ancient debris veins. By mining in a straight line, you can cover a larger area and uncover more ancient debris deposits. It’s important to note that ancient debris veins are relatively rare, so strip mining provides an efficient method to maximize your chances of finding this valuable resource.

Now, I’d like to share a personal experience to illustrate the effectiveness of mining at Y = 12. During one of my Netherite mining sessions, I decided to focus solely on this specific Y level. Armed with plenty of pickaxes and a few sets of armor, I embarked on a mining expedition.

As I dug through the Netherrack, I could feel the anticipation building up. Every block I mined could potentially reveal ancient debris, and the thrill of discovery kept me motivated. The Nether can be a dangerous place, but with caution and careful planning, I was able to navigate the treacherous terrain.

After a few hours of continuous mining, I managed to uncover several ancient debris veins. The veins were scattered throughout my tunnels, sometimes hidden behind layers of Netherrack. It was a satisfying feeling to stumble upon these valuable resources and know that I was making progress towards obtaining Netherite.

Mining at Y = 12 not only provides a higher chance of encountering ancient debris but also offers the advantage of being close to other valuable resources found in the Nether. At this level, you may come across other ores like gold and quartz, which can be useful for various purposes, including trading with Piglins or crafting decorative blocks.

To summarize, the best Y level for finding Netherite in the Nether is at coordinate Y = 12. This level strikes a balance between being within the range of ancient debris generation and avoiding excessive encounters with lava. Strip mining at Y = 12 allows for efficient exploration and maximizes the chances of discovering valuable ancient debris veins. So, if you’re planning a Netherite mining expedition, make sure to set your sights on Y = 12 and embark on your journey with anticipation and careful planning.