How do you outline a wedding program?

Answered by Frank Schwing

When creating a wedding program, it is important to include all the necessary details to inform and guide your guests throughout the ceremony. Here is a detailed outline to help you create a comprehensive and personalized wedding program:

1. Cover Page:
– The cover page should feature the names of the couple, the date, and a beautiful design or photo that reflects the wedding theme or style.

2. Welcome Message:
– Start the program with a warm welcome message expressing your gratitude for the presence of your guests on this special day. Keep it short and heartfelt.

3. Order of Ceremony Events:
– Provide a detailed schedule of the ceremony events. This should include the order in which each event will take place, such as:
A. Processional: List the order in which the wedding party will enter.
B. Opening Remarks: Mention who will be delivering the opening remarks and any special messages they may have.
C. Exchange of Vows: Specify who will be exchanging vows and any unique aspects of this part of the ceremony.
D. Ring Exchange: Mention who will be exchanging rings and any special sentiments attached to this moment.
E. Pronouncement of Marriage: Note who will be officiating the ceremony and the exact wording they will use.
F. Recessional: List the order in which the wedding party will exit.

4. Wedding-Party Bios:
– Dedicate a section to introduce your wedding party, including the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and any other important individuals involved. Include their names, relationship to the couple, and a brief bio or fun fact about each person. This helps guests get to know your VIPs and creates a more personal connection.

5. Musical Selections:
– If you have specific songs or musical pieces planned for different parts of the ceremony, include a list of these selections. Mention the title, artist, and any significant meaning behind the chosen music. This allows guests to fully appreciate the ambiance you have curated.

6. Passages and Readings:
– If there are any meaningful passages or readings to be shared during the ceremony, include them in the program. Mention the title, author, and perhaps a brief explanation of why you chose each reading. This adds depth and significance to the ceremony.

7. Explanation of Traditions:
– If you are incorporating any cultural or religious traditions into your ceremony, provide a brief explanation for guests who may not be familiar with them. This can include rituals, symbols, or any other customs that hold special importance to you and your partner.

8. Thank You Note:
– Express your heartfelt gratitude to all the guests for being a part of your special day. Thank them for their love, support, and presence. This is also a great opportunity to acknowledge and thank any individuals or vendors who played a significant role in making the wedding happen.

9. Closing:
– End the program with a closing message, such as a quote or a short note from the couple. This can be a heartfelt reflection on love, marriage, or your hopes for the future together.

10. Back Cover:
– Use the back cover to include any additional information, such as directions to the reception venue, accommodations for out-of-town guests, or any special instructions.

Remember to design your wedding program in a way that reflects your personal style and wedding theme. Choose fonts, colors, and images that align with your overall aesthetic. Proofread the program thoroughly to ensure accuracy and clarity before printing.