What is another name for patty pan squash?

Answered by Michael Wilson

Patty pan squash, also known as cymling’s, custard marrows, or custard squashes, is a versatile and delicious vegetable that goes by various names depending on the region or culinary tradition. These alternative names reflect the diverse ways in which people refer to this unique variety of squash. Let’s explore each of these names in more detail.

1. Cymling’s: The term “cymling’s” is an old English term used to describe small, immature squashes. It is believed to have originated from the word “cimelin,” which means young or tender in Middle English. This name highlights the stage of growth at which patty pan squash is typically harvested and consumed when it is still small and tender.

2. Custard Marrows: The name “custard marrows” is derived from the similarity in texture and taste of patty pan squash to custard. When cooked, the flesh of these squashes becomes soft, smooth, and creamy, resembling the consistency of custard. The term “marrow” is often used to describe the soft, fleshy part of certain vegetables, and in this case, it emphasizes the tender, flavorful nature of patty pan squash.

3. Custard Squashes: Similar to the name “custard marrows,” “custard squashes” emphasizes the custard-like texture of these small squashes when cooked. This name is a more general term that encompasses various types of squashes that possess a creamy and delicate flesh, including patty pan squash. It highlights the shared characteristic of these squashes in terms of their velvety texture and subtle sweetness.

It is worth noting that these alternative names for patty pan squash may not be as commonly used as the term “patty pan squash” itself. However, they provide insight into the historical, cultural, and culinary contexts in which this vegetable is known and appreciated. By exploring these different names, we can gain a deeper understanding of the various ways in which people have interacted with and enjoyed patty pan squash throughout history.

In my personal experience, I have encountered patty pan squash under different names depending on the region or even the specific recipe I was using. For example, while living in the United States, I often came across patty pan squash at farmers’ markets and grocery stores, where it was labeled as such. However, when I traveled to Europe, I noticed that it was more commonly referred to as “custard marrows” or simply “custard squash” in culinary contexts. This variation in naming conventions reflects the diversity of culinary traditions and preferences worldwide.

To summarize, patty pan squash is known by several alternative names, including cymling’s, custard marrows, and custard squashes. Each name highlights a specific aspect of the squash’s characteristics, such as its tender size, custard-like texture, and delicate flavor. The use of these alternative names varies depending on cultural and regional preferences, adding richness and diversity to the culinary world.