How do I get my iPhone to automatically translate?

Answered by Robert Flynn

To get your iPhone to automatically translate, you can follow these steps:

1. Install Gboard: Gboard is a keyboard app developed by Google that offers a built-in translation feature. You can download it from the App Store and install it on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Open an app where you can type: Once you have installed Gboard, open any app that allows you to enter text, such as Gmail or Keep.

3. Tap on an area to enter text: Find a text input field within the app and tap on it to bring up the keyboard.

4. Access the features menu: At the top of the keyboard, you will see a small icon that resembles an arrow or a square. Tap on it to open the features menu.

5. Select the Translate feature: In the features menu, you should see an option for “Translate.” Tap on it to enable the translation feature.

6. Choose the languages: After enabling the translation feature, you will be prompted to pick the language you want to translate from and the language you want to translate into. Select the appropriate languages from the available options.

7. Enter the text to translate: Once you have selected the languages, you can start entering the text you want to translate. Simply type it using the Gboard keyboard.

8. View the translation: As you type, Gboard will automatically translate the text in real-time. You will see the translated text appear on the screen, allowing you to review and edit it if needed.

By following these steps, you can use Gboard’s translation feature to automatically translate text on your iPhone or iPad. It provides a convenient way to communicate in different languages without having to switch between apps or use external translation tools.