Do hummingbirds like black-eyed Susan vine?

Answered by Douglas Hiatt

Hummingbirds do like black-eyed Susan vine (Thunbergia alata). These beautiful flowering vines are known to attract hummingbirds with their vibrant and nectar-rich blooms. The black-eyed Susan vine is native to tropical regions and is well-loved for its stunning orange, white, salmon, and yellow flowers.

Hummingbirds are drawn to flowers that are rich in nectar and have a tubular shape, which makes it easier for them to access the nectar with their long, thin beaks. The blooms of the black-eyed Susan vine fit this description perfectly, with their trumpet-shaped flowers that provide a convenient food source for hummingbirds.

Having these vines in your garden can be a wonderful way to attract and observe these fascinating birds. Their quick movements and ability to hover in mid-air as they feed on nectar are truly captivating. By planting black-eyed Susan vine, you can create an inviting habitat for hummingbirds and enjoy the beauty they bring to your garden.

To maximize the chances of attracting hummingbirds to your black-eyed Susan vine, it is important to provide the right conditions for both the vines and the birds. Black-eyed Susan vines thrive in full sun, although they can tolerate light shade. It is best to plant them in well-draining soil and provide support such as fences, arbors, or trellises for them to climb on.

In addition to the vibrant blooms, black-eyed Susan vine also has attractive foliage, with heart-shaped leaves that add a touch of green to your garden. The vines can be trained to grow on fences, arbors, or other structures, creating a beautiful vertical element in your garden.

When it comes to attracting hummingbirds, it is important to provide a variety of nectar-rich flowers to keep them coming back. Black-eyed Susan vine can be a great addition to a hummingbird garden, but it is also beneficial to have other hummingbird-friendly plants that bloom at different times throughout the year. This way, you can ensure a continuous food source for these birds and enjoy their presence in your garden for a longer period.

Black-eyed Susan vine is indeed attractive to hummingbirds. Its vibrant and nectar-rich blooms make it a desirable plant for these birds, and planting them in your garden can help create a welcoming habitat for hummingbirds. By providing the right growing conditions and a variety of nectar-rich flowers, you can increase the chances of attracting hummingbirds and enjoy their presence in your garden.