Al B. Sure! Back After Life-Threatening Coma

As many of his fans know, Al B. Sure! has been battling a serious illness for the past two months. After experiencing issues with his liver, the R&B singer was admitted to the hospital and plced in a medically induced coma. After multiple surgeries and weeks of recovery, Al B. Sure! is finally on the mend and speaking out about his experience for the first time.

The 54-year-old took to Twitter to update his followers on his health journey, expressing gratitude that he was “alive, awake, and on the mend” while also giving praise to Allah. He also shared photos of his medical journey on Instagram and thanked fans for their support throughut this difficult time.

Al B. Sure!’s battle with liver complications began back in May 2021 when he initially sought medical help after feeling intense abdominal pain. After being hospitalized and undergoing surgery, he had a successful procedure but was still not feeling well enough to be discharged from the hospital. That’s when doctors decided to place him in a medically induced coma so that his body could heal without any additional stress or strain put on it.

For two months Al B. Sure! remained in a coma while doctors monitored his progress closely as he underwent additional treatments and tests to determine what was causing his complications. Thankfully, after two months of fighting for his life Al B. Sure! is now out of the coma and doing much beter thanks to a new liver that was donated just in time for him to make a full recovery from this life-threatening ordeal.

We are all thankful that Al B. Sure! is out of danger and back home safe with friends and family who have been by his side throughout this entire ordeal providing love and support evry step of the way. We wish him continued success as he continues on the road to full recovery!

Is Al B. Sure Alive?

Yes, Al B. Sure is still alive. He recently took to Twitter to announce that he is “alive, awake, on the mend,” and expressed his gratefulness with the hashtag “#AllPraiseisDuetoAllah.” He is in the process of recovering ater facing a health scare recently.

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Is Al B. Sure Still in a Coma?

No, Al B. Sure is no longer in a coma. After two months in a medically-induced coma, the legendary singer and songwriter recently awoke and is now on the road to recovery. He underwent a liver transplant shortly before entering the coma, and his doctors believe that it was instrumental in saving his life. He has expressed his gratitude to everyone who supported him during this difficult time, and he is looking forward to getting back to doing what he loves: making music.

The Impact of Surgery on Al B. Sure’s Health

Yes, Al B. Sure did have surgery. In August 2022 he shared on Instagram that he had undergone a procedure and was doing well afterwards. He provided updates on his medical journey and gave fans an inside look into his recovery process. The artist posted photos of himself in the hospital and said that he had made it through the surgery successfully.

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Is There a Relation Between Al B. Sure and Ella Fitzgerald?

Yes, Al B. Sure is related to Ella Fitzgerald. He is the nephew of the legendary jazz singer and they both come from a musical family. Al B. Sure’s cousin, singer/songwriter Christopher Williams, is also related to Fitzgerald throuh his mother and shares a close bond with his famous aunt. The two cousins have collaborated on music together in the past and remain close friends today.

The Origin of Al B. Sure’s Name

Al B. Sure! got his name from a combination of his given name Albert Brown and his positive outlook on life. In high school, he was known as the “Sure One” because of his confident attitude and approach to life. After Heavy D. was signed to Uptown Records, Al B. Sure! decided to join him and adopted the stage name “Al B. Sure!” in order to stand out from the othr artists who were signed to UPTOWN at the time. The “B” in Al B. Sure! stands for Brown, which is Al’s last name, while “Sure!” signifies his optimism and enthusiasm for success in the music industry.

The Status of Al B. Sure’s Brother

Yes, Al B. Sure’s brother, Albert Joseph Brown III, was recently in a two-month-long coma. This news was shared by the singer via an update on Twitter accompanied by a photo from the hospital. Thankfully, he has since woken up and is now recovering.

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The Relationship Between Al B. Sure and Quincy

Yes, Al B. Sure and Quincy have a strong father-son relationship. They have worked on their relationship over the years and it was recently celebrated in Quincy’s new video for “I Can Tell You” which features his dad. In the video, Al B. Sure is seen giving support to Quincy as he performs his single and they are shown embracing at the end of the video. The pair have also been spotted spending time together at events such as movie premieres and award shows, showing how much they care for one another.


Al B. Sure! is an incredible example of perseverance, strength, and resilience. After undergoing a two-month coma, not only did he survive, but he also underwent surgery and recovered from a life-threatening illness. His story is a testament to the power of faith and hope, and he continues to be an inspiration for all those going through similar experiences. Al B. Sure! has provided his fans with updates on his recovery process and continues to inspire others with his story of survival and determination. He is truly an example of how anyting is possible when you set your mind to it.

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