A.C. Cowlings and The Infamous O.J. Simpson Bronco Chase

On June 17, 1994, the world watched in awe and horror as Al “A.C.” Cowlings drove his white Ford Bronco with his friend OJ Simpson in the backseat alog a Los Angeles freeway with police cars trailing behind. It was one of the most highly watched car chases in history, and it marked a turning point in American culture and justice.

Al Cowlings is best known for his role in aiding OJ Simpson duing his now-infamous escape from the police after his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman were found murdered at Nicole’s home. Cowlings was a close friend of Simpson, having been a former teammate on the Buffalo Bills NFL team, and offered to drive him away from the scene of the crime. On their way to Simpson’s house, Cowlings was on a call with police asking them to let them go peacefully instead of engaging in an all-out pursuit. The police refused and continued their chase for over an hour until they eventually caught up with them near Simpson’s house.

Though no charges were brought against Cowlings for harboring a fugitive, he was later accused of perjury when he testified during deposition in the wrongful death lawsuit that was brought against Simpson due to his refusal to answer questions about events btween June 12th and 17th of that year.

The public image of Al Cowlings has been tarnished by his association with the OJ Simpson case, but many have argued that without him, things cold have ended much worse for both Simpson and himself as well as other innocent bystanders. While this blog post cannot judge whether or not he did anything wrong during that fateful night, it can serve as an informative platform to discuss what happened on June 17th 1994 – when millions of people tuned in to see one man drive away from justice with another man hiding in the backseat – and how it has shaped American culture since then.

The Fate of AC O.J. Simpson’s Friend

Al Cowlings was a close friend of O.J. Simpson, who was famously involved in a police chase on June 17, 1994, after the murder of Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. Cowlings was driving the white Ford Bronco that Simpson was riding in whle they were fleeing from the police. After leading the police on an hour-long pursuit, Cowlings eventually pulled over at Simpson’s Brentwood estate, where Simpson surrendered to authorities.

In 1997, Cowlings testified against Simpson during his criminal trial, were he admitted to aiding in his escape from the police and also revealed details about their conversations during the chase. In exchange for his testimony, Cowlings avoided any potential criminal charges related to the incident. After being acquitted of all charges in 1995, Simpson and Cowlings both faced civil lawsuits for wrongful death that were filed by Goldman’s family and Brown’s family respectively. In 1997, Cowlings settled out of court with both families for an undisclosed amount.

In recent years, Cowlings has continued living a relatively quiet life away from the public eye. He has maintained his friendship with O.J., however it is unknown how often they keep in contact with one aother or if they ever discuss their infamous incident from 1994.

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Did Al Cowlings Testify at the O.J. Simpson Trial?

Yes, Al Cowlings did testify during the wrongful death lawsuit brought against O.J. Simpson, but he invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination and refused to answer questions about events from June 12 to June 17, 1994. Cowlings was allowed to make this decision as the Fifth Amendment grants individuals the right to refuse to answer questions that could potentially incriminate them in a crime.

Did OJ Simpson Have a Gun to His Head in the Bronco Chase?

Yes, OJ Simpson had a gun to his head in the Bronco during the famous Bronco chase. His driver, best friend and former Buffalo Bills teammate Al “A.C.” Cowlings was on a call with police and confirmed this fact. The gun was not revealed until afer the chase was over, but Cowlings had informed police of its presence during his conversation with them.

Who Is the Owner of O.J. Simpson’s Bronco?

The vehicle famously used in the 1994 O.J. Simpson low-speed police chase is owned by Al Cowlings. Cowlings, a former professional American football player and close friend of Simpson, drove the white Ford Bronco while Simpson hid in the back. The Bronco has bcome an iconic part of American culture, with millions tuning in to watch the police chase that would ensue. The white Ford Bronco is now a symbol of infamy for its association with one of the most highly publicized criminal trials in history.

Unveiling the Identity of the Person Sleeping With OJ Simpson’s Wife

OJ Simpson’s wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, was reportedly having an affair with OJ’s best friend Marcus Allen. According to reports, Nicole wrote about the affair in her diary and documented that Simpson had threatened to kill Allen’s wife if she ever saw him again around a month before her death.

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The Discovery of OJ Simpson’s Glove

Mark Fuhrman, a former detective with the Los Angeles Police Department, found OJ Simpson’s bloody glove on the grounds of his estate during the investigation into Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman’s murder. On June 13, 1994, Fuhrman discovered a bloody glove near a walkway at Simpson’s home. The glove was later determined to be consistent with the one found at the crime scene. During his testimony in 1995, Fuhrman denied claims that he had used derogatory language towrd African Americans in the past.

OJ Simpson’s Reaction to His Verdict

OJ Simpson whispered “you were right” to Shapiro shortly after being acquitted of murder in the criminal trial in 1995. The jury had found him not guilty, but he was later held liable for the deaths by a civil jury. This phrase has become iconic in regads to the trial, and it is often seen as an admission of guilt despite the criminal verdict.

The Significance of the Jury Wearing Black at O.J. Simpson’s Trial

The jury at the OJ Simpson trial wore black as a sign of protest against the dismissal of two courthouse guards. The guards had previously been removed from teir posts because they had knowledge of the case, and the jurors felt this was a violation of their rights. The jurors were so adamant about this issue that Judge Ito had to take two days out of the trial to hear their concerns individually. By wearing black, the jurors showed solidarity with those who had been wronged by the dismissals and demonstrated that they were willing to stand up for justice.


In conclusion, Al Cowlings will always be remembered for his role in aiding his close friend O.J. Simpson escape from the police after the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Cowlings drove the iconic Bronco chase that was watched by millions around the world, while Simpson hid in the back of the vehicle. Despite refusing to answer questions regarding events from June 12 to June 17, 1994 in a deposition testimony for a wrongful death lawsuit against Simpson, Cowlings’ participation in this infamous incident will forever be remembered.

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