What colors go with a June wedding?

Answered by Frank Schwing

When planning a June wedding, it’s important to choose the right color palette that reflects the beautiful and vibrant atmosphere of the season. Here are some color combinations that would be perfect for a June wedding:

1. Marigold yellow, Navy Blue, & Slate Gray:
This color palette is bold and sophisticated. Marigold yellow represents the warmth and joy of the season, while navy blue and slate gray add a touch of elegance and depth. Incorporate these colors in your wedding decor, bridesmaid dresses, and floral arrangements to create a stunning visual impact.

2. Petal Pink, Cornflower Blue, & Mauve Purple:
For a romantic and dreamy vibe, consider this soft and feminine color combination. Petal pink represents love and tenderness, cornflower blue adds a touch of freshness and tranquility, and mauve purple adds depth and sophistication. Use these colors in your wedding invitations, table linens, and floral arrangements to create a romantic ambience.

3. Flawless Forest Green, White, & Gold:
If you’re planning an outdoor wedding surrounded by lush greenery, this color palette is perfect. Forest green represents nature and tranquility, white adds a touch of purity and simplicity, and gold adds a hint of luxury and glamour. Incorporate these colors in your wedding arch, table settings, and bridal party attire for a timeless and elegant look.

4. Incredible Champagne Shade All-Around:
For a chic and sophisticated look, consider using different shades of champagne throughout your wedding decor. Champagne represents celebration and elegance, and using various shades of this color will create a cohesive and stylish atmosphere. From the bridesmaids’ dresses to the table settings and even the wedding cake, incorporating champagne shades will add a touch of glamour to your June wedding.

5. Shades of Romantic Red:
Red is a classic color that symbolizes love and passion, making it a great choice for a June wedding. Incorporate different shades of red, such as burgundy, blush, and scarlet, to add depth and dimension to your color palette. Use red flowers in your bridal bouquet, incorporate red accents in your wedding decor, and choose red bridesmaid dresses for a romantic and unforgettable look.

6. Not So Vibrant Violet:
For a more subtle and understated color palette, consider using shades of violet. Lavender, lilac, and mauve are all beautiful choices that represent elegance and femininity. Use these colors in your wedding invitations, floral arrangements, and table settings for a soft and sophisticated look.

7. Stubble Beige:
If you’re looking for a neutral and versatile color palette, consider using shades of beige. Beige represents warmth and simplicity and can be paired with almost any other color. Use beige linens, incorporate beige accents in your floral arrangements, and choose beige bridesmaid dresses for a timeless and elegant look.

When choosing your wedding colors, it’s important to consider the overall theme and atmosphere you want to create. Whether you opt for bold and vibrant hues or soft and romantic shades, the key is to choose colors that resonate with you and reflect the joy and love of your special day. Happy planning!