What does losing brownie points mean?

Answered by Cody Janus

Losing brownie points is a commonly used phrase that means losing favor or losing credit for something good that you have done. It is often used in a figurative sense to describe a situation where someone’s actions or behavior result in a negative perception or a loss of trust or respect.

The origin of the term “brownie points” is often attributed to the Brownies, a tier of Girl Scouts or Girl Guides consisting of 7-10 year old girls. According to the theory, brownie points were originally imaginary points that the Brownies could earn for doing good deeds or exhibiting positive behavior. These points could then be lost if they did something unfavorable or failed to meet expectations.

While it is unclear whether the term actually originated from the Brownies, it has become a popular phrase in modern language and is often used to describe a situation where someone’s actions or behavior result in a loss of favor or credibility.

Losing brownie points can have various implications depending on the context. In personal relationships, it could mean that someone has done something to erode trust or damage the relationship. For example, if a person consistently fails to follow through on their promises or acts in a dishonest manner, they may be said to be losing brownie points with their partner or friends.

In a professional setting, losing brownie points could refer to situations where someone’s actions or behavior negatively impact their reputation or standing among colleagues or superiors. This could occur if someone consistently fails to meet deadlines, displays a lack of professionalism, or engages in unethical behavior. These actions can result in a loss of credibility and opportunities for advancement.

Losing brownie points can also have consequences in other areas of life. For example, in customer service, a business may lose brownie points with its customers if it consistently provides poor service or fails to address customer concerns. Similarly, in politics or public opinion, individuals or organizations may lose brownie points if they make controversial or unpopular decisions.

Losing brownie points implies a loss of favor or credit for past good deeds or positive behavior. It suggests that someone’s actions or behavior have had a negative impact on their reputation or standing, and may result in a loss of trust, respect, or opportunities. While the origin of the term may be unclear, it has become a widely accepted phrase in contemporary language and is used to describe a variety of situations where someone’s actions have negative consequences.