Why is Walter throwing matches into the pool?

Answered by Edward Huber

Walter throwing matches into the pool can be seen as a metaphorical representation of his inner turmoil and dissatisfaction with his life. The pool, which is typically associated with luxury and happiness, becomes a symbol of his own emptiness and unfulfilled desires.

By tossing lit matches into the pool, Walter may be expressing his frustration and anger towards his current situation. The act of lighting a match and watching it burn could serve as a cathartic release for him, allowing him to momentarily escape from his reality and indulge in a destructive behavior. It could be a way for him to exert some form of control over his life, even if it is in a small and ultimately futile manner.

Encouraging Walt Jr to drink around the pool could also be seen as a reflection of Walter’s desire to rebel against societal norms and expectations. He may be trying to break free from the constraints of a conventional and mundane existence by encouraging his son to engage in reckless or rebellious behavior. This could be a way for Walter to live vicariously through his son, experiencing a sense of liberation and excitement that he himself lacks.

Additionally, Walter staring into the blue emptiness of the pool could signify his contemplation of his own existence. The pool, once a source of joy and pleasure, now represents the hollowness and emptiness of his life. By staring into the pool, Walter may be confronting his own sense of purposelessness and searching for meaning in his actions.

Walter throwing matches into the pool, encouraging his son to drink around it, and staring into its blue emptiness all serve as poignant visual representations of his discontentment and desire for something more. It showcases his dissatisfaction with his current life and his longing for a sense of fulfillment and purpose.