What language do they speak in Tajikistan?

Answered by Tom Adger

In Tajikistan, the official language spoken by the majority of the population is Tajik. Tajik is categorized as a member of the southwest group of Iranian languages and shares close similarities with Farsi in Iran and Dari in Afghanistan. These dialects are mutually intelligible, although there are some differences between them.

Tajik, as a language, is closely related to Farsi and Dari, but it has its own unique characteristics and features. It has been influenced by various languages throughout its history, including Arabic, Russian, and Turkic languages. This linguistic diversity has contributed to the development of Tajik as a distinct language.

Tajik is written using a modified version of the Cyrillic alphabet, which was introduced during the Soviet era. Prior to that, Tajik was written using the Persian alphabet. However, since 2008, there has been a gradual shift towards using the Latin alphabet in Tajikistan, although the Cyrillic script is still widely used.

The Tajik language has a rich literary tradition, with notable poets and writers who have made significant contributions to Persian literature. The works of prominent Tajik writers, such as Sadriddin Ayni and Mirzo Tursunzoda, have played a crucial role in shaping Tajik literature.

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