Why does Michael only drink vampire blood?

Answered by Robert Flynn

Michael only drinks vampire blood because he discovered that he couldn’t consume blood from living beings after he became a vampire. This revelation was quite unexpected for him, as he had assumed that as a vampire, he would be able to sustain himself by feeding on humans or animals. However, instead of satisfying his hunger, drinking from living creatures only heightened his blood lust and made him crave more.

So, in order to survive and control his insatiable thirst, Michael turned to an alternative source of sustenance – the blood of fellow vampires. By feeding on other vampires, he found that he was able to regain his strength and maintain a sense of control over his blood lust. This unique approach to feeding sets Michael apart from other vampires, as he has chosen not to prey on innocent humans or animals.

Drinking vampire blood provides Michael with the necessary nutrients and sustenance to keep him alive and powerful. It enables him to replenish his own energy and maintain his supernatural abilities. While it may seem unusual to some, it is a practical solution for Michael, considering his inability to consume blood from living creatures without succumbing to an overwhelming blood lust.

Feeding on fellow vampires also serves another purpose for Michael – he has taken on the role of a vampire hunter. By drinking the blood of other vampires, he weakens and ultimately eliminates potential threats to himself and the innocent humans around him. This gives him an advantage in his mission to rid the world of dangerous and malicious vampires.

Furthermore, drinking vampire blood allows Michael to tap into the knowledge and experiences of the vampires he feeds upon. Each vampire carries their own unique history and abilities, and by consuming their blood, Michael gains access to this wealth of information. This knowledge not only aids him in his vampire hunting endeavors but also helps him to better understand and navigate the supernatural world he now finds himself in.

Michael only drinks vampire blood because he cannot consume blood from living beings without succumbing to an uncontrollable blood lust. Feeding on other vampires not only provides him with the sustenance he needs to survive but also enables him to weaken and eliminate potential threats. It allows him to tap into the knowledge and experiences of other vampires, further enhancing his abilities as a vampire hunter.