What is Wonder Woman the god of?

Answered by John Hunt

Wonder Woman, a beloved superhero in the DC Comics universe, is not specifically referred to as a god herself. However, she is often associated with various deities and possesses divine attributes and powers. In terms of her connection to mythology, Wonder Woman is often associated with the Greek goddess Artemis, who is the goddess of the hunt, wilderness, and childbirth.

Artemis, known as Diana in Roman mythology, is a powerful deity associated with the moon, nature, and hunting. Wonder Woman draws inspiration from this mythological figure and incorporates her characteristics into her superhero persona. Diana Prince, Wonder Woman’s alter ego, takes her first name from the Roman goddess Diana, signifying her connection to nature and her role as a protector.

Diana, as a goddess, represents the untamed aspects of nature and the power of the moon. Similarly, Wonder Woman embodies these qualities, as she is often depicted as a fierce warrior and protector of the natural world. Her ability to communicate with animals and her exceptional hunting skills reflect her connection to Diana’s domain.

Furthermore, Wonder Woman’s tiara, which resembles a crescent moon, is reminiscent of Diana’s association with the celestial body. This connection further emphasizes her connection to the moon and her divine origins.

While Wonder Woman is not explicitly referred to as the goddess of the hunt or the moon, her character draws heavily from these mythological concepts. She is a symbol of strength, femininity, and connection to nature, much like the goddesses Diana and Artemis. Through her portrayal in comics, movies, and other media, Wonder Woman continues to inspire and empower individuals around the world.

To summarize, Wonder Woman is not explicitly the goddess of anything, but she draws inspiration from the mythological figure of Diana/Artemis, who is associated with the hunt, the moon, and nature. Wonder Woman embodies similar qualities and serves as a modern-day representation of strength, femininity, and the protection of the natural world.