When was the first xQc stream?

Answered by Frank Schwing

The first xQc stream took place on March 8, 2015. It was an exciting day for Félix as he embarked on his journey to become a popular Twitch streamer. On that day, he decided to create his own personal YouTube channel to showcase his livestream highlights, compilations, and other content for his fans to enjoy.

Félix’s YouTube channel serves as a hub for his Twitch livestream content. It allows viewers who may have missed his livestreams to catch up on the action and enjoy his entertaining gameplay. From intense gaming moments to hilarious reactions, Félix’s YouTube videos capture the essence of his Twitch livestreams.

In addition to livestream highlights, Félix also uploads personal Q&A videos where he interacts with his viewers and answers their burning questions. These Q&A sessions provide a more intimate and personal connection between Félix and his fans, allowing them to get to know him better.

Another interesting aspect of Félix’s YouTube channel is his ban appeal videos. Sometimes, viewers may get temporarily or permanently banned from his Twitch chat, and these videos serve as a platform for them to appeal their ban and explain their side of the story. It shows Félix’s willingness to hear his viewers’ perspectives and give them a chance to rectify any misunderstandings.

Apart from livestream highlights and Q&A videos, Félix also indulges in lets plays on his YouTube channel. These are videos where he plays games from start to finish, providing commentary and showcasing his gaming skills. It’s a great way for his fans to experience a full playthrough of a game alongside Félix.

Félix’s YouTube channel complements his Twitch livestreams perfectly. It gives his viewers the opportunity to relive the exciting moments, engage with him through Q&A sessions, appeal bans if necessary, and enjoy his gaming content at their own pace. Whether you’re a fan of xQc or just someone looking for entertaining gaming content, his YouTube channel is definitely worth checking out.