Why do I have two Peacock charges?

Answered by John Hunt

There could be a few reasons why you have two charges for Peacock. Let’s explore some possibilities:

1. Upgraded to Peacock Premium Plus: One possible reason for the two charges is that you upgraded your subscription from Peacock Premium to Peacock Premium Plus. Peacock Premium Plus offers additional features like ad-free streaming and offline downloads for a higher price. If you initially subscribed to Peacock Premium and later decided to upgrade, you would have two separate charges for each subscription level.

2. Separate billing cycles: Another reason for the two charges could be that you signed up for Peacock Premium and Peacock Premium Plus at different times, resulting in separate billing cycles. For example, if you initially subscribed to Peacock Premium on the 1st of the month and later upgraded to Premium Plus on the 15th of the month, you would have two charges that occur at different times.

3. Promotional offers or discounts: Peacock occasionally offers promotional deals or discounts to attract new subscribers or retain existing ones. If you took advantage of any such offers, it’s possible that you received separate charges for each promotion. For example, you might have used a discount code for Peacock Premium and a separate code for Peacock Premium Plus, resulting in two charges.

4. Multiple accounts: It’s also worth considering whether you have multiple Peacock accounts. If you signed up for Peacock using different emails or payment methods, you may have inadvertently created two separate subscriptions. In this case, each account would have its own charge.

To resolve this issue and understand the specific reason for the two charges, I recommend reaching out to Peacock’s customer support. They will have access to your account details and can provide a more accurate explanation based on your specific situation. It’s important to clarify any discrepancies or concerns with their support team to ensure you are being billed correctly.

I understand that dealing with multiple charges can be confusing or frustrating, but addressing the issue directly with Peacock’s customer support should help clarify the situation and potentially resolve any billing discrepancies.