What does a Libra look like physically?

Answered by Willie Powers

Physically, a Libra has a distinct and charming appearance. They often have a heart-shaped face, which gives them a youthful and harmonious look. Their facial features are well-balanced, with no prominent angles or sharp edges. This contributes to their overall pleasing and gentle demeanor.

One noticeable feature of a Libra is their wavy hair. It adds a touch of elegance and softness to their look. Whether long or short, their hair tends to have a natural, effortless wave that perfectly complements their facial structure.

Libras are also known for their full lips, which are often the envy of others. Their lips have a naturally plump and sensual appearance, and they can effortlessly draw attention with just a smile. Their lips have a natural curve that adds to their overall attractiveness.

The eyes of a Libra are another striking feature. They have wide, almond-shaped eyes that are both captivating and expressive. Their eyes have a gentle and serene quality, reflecting their peaceful and balanced nature. Libras often have a sparkle in their eyes, which adds an element of charm and allure to their overall appearance.

Additionally, Libras have full cheeks that give them a youthful and innocent look. Their cheeks have a soft and round shape, adding to their gentle and approachable demeanor. This feature enhances their overall facial symmetry and contributes to their pleasing appearance.

It is important to note that while these physical characteristics are often associated with Libras, individual appearances can vary. Each person is unique and may possess some or all of these features to varying degrees. It is the combination of these traits, along with their charming personality, that makes a Libra truly stand out.