Why did Elvis dye his hair black?

Answered by Randy McIntyre

Elvis Presley, known as the King of Rock and Roll, was not only a musical icon but also a style icon. His distinct look, including his dark hair, was a crucial part of his image. But why did Elvis dye his hair black?

One of the main reasons Elvis chose to dye his hair black was because he believed it brought out his facial features better on film. As an entertainer, Elvis was not only a talented singer but also an actor. He appeared in numerous movies throughout his career, and he wanted to ensure that his appearance on the big screen was visually appealing.

During the late 1950s, when Elvis was in the army, he decided to dye his hair black for a specific picture taken in Texas in 1958. It is important to note that Elvis had naturally light brown hair. However, he felt that the black hair color made his features, such as his eyes and eyebrows, stand out more prominently. This choice was likely influenced by the desire to enhance his on-screen presence and make a lasting impression.

Elvis’s decision to dye his hair black also aligned with the popular aesthetic of the time. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, black hair was seen as stylish and fashionable. Many celebrities and prominent figures of the era, both male and female, sported black hair. Elvis, always conscious of his image and wanting to stay on-trend, embraced this look and made it his own.

Moreover, Elvis’s black hair became synonymous with his rebellious and edgy persona. It added to his overall charisma and magnetism, making him even more appealing to his fans. The dark hair color contributed to his iconic image, helping him stand out from other musicians and creating a distinctive brand for himself.

It is worth mentioning that Elvis’s choice to dye his hair black was not a permanent change. In some instances, he would wear wigs or use temporary hair dyes to achieve the desired look. This flexibility allowed him to experiment with different hairstyles and colors throughout his career, always keeping his image fresh and captivating.

Elvis Presley dyed his hair black primarily to enhance his features on film and create a visually striking image. The choice to sport black hair aligned with the popular aesthetic of the time, adding to his rebellious persona and making him a style icon. Elvis’s ever-evolving image, including his hair color, played a significant role in shaping his legendary status as the King of Rock and Roll.