How do you finish balance of power in Skyrim?

Answered by Willie Powers

To finish the “Balance of Power” quest in Skyrim, follow these steps:

1. Speak to Ri’saad: Start by talking to Ri’saad, who can be found in a camp just outside Whiterun. He will give you a note that explains the situation and asks for your help.

2. Locate the Saints and Seducers: Ri’saad will inform you that there are two groups causing trouble near Whiterun – the Saints and the Seducers. Your task is to find their camps and eliminate them.

3. Kill the Saints: The Saints camp can be found to the northeast of Whiterun, near the Halted Stream Camp. Make your way there and eliminate all the members of the Saints group. Be prepared for a fight, as they can be quite aggressive.

4. Kill the Seducers: The Seducers camp is located to the southwest of Whiterun, near the Sleeping Tree Camp. Head in that direction and take out all the members of the Seducers group. Again, expect resistance and be ready for combat.

5. Find Kinthal: After eliminating the Saints and the Seducers, you will need to track down two individuals named Kinthal and Svarig. Kinthal can be found in a small camp to the west of Whiterun, near the Rorikstead area. Take him out and search his body for a journal.

6. Find Svarig: Svarig is located in a camp to the east of Whiterun, near the Valtheim Towers. Take care of him and search his body for his journal as well.

7. Begin “Restoring Order”: Once you have both journals, read them to start the next mission called “Restoring Order.” This will continue the storyline and bring you closer to completing the questline.

8. Return to Ri’saad: head back to Ri’saad and inform him of your success. He will reward you for completing the mission and offer his gratitude.

Remember to save your game before engaging in combat, as the battles can be challenging. Also, make sure to bring appropriate weapons, armor, and potions to increase your chances of success.

The “Balance of Power” quest is an exciting and action-packed mission that adds depth to the Skyrim experience. Enjoy the adventure and the rewards that come with completing it!