What is Carafa special malt?

Answered by Jason Smith

Weyermann® CARAFA® Special Type 2 is a specialty malt that is specifically designed to add a dark color and unique flavor to beers. It is made from high-quality spring barley, which ensures that it contributes to the overall quality of the beer.

CARAFA® Special Type 2 is a dark-roasted malt, meaning that it has been subjected to intense heat during the malting process. This gives it a rich, deep color ranging from dark brown to black, depending on the quantity used. The dark color of this malt is perfect for adding depth and complexity to beers, particularly those that are intended to be dark in appearance.

In addition to its color, CARAFA® Special Type 2 also imparts a distinct flavor to the beer. It has a roasted and slightly bitter taste, with hints of coffee and dark chocolate. This flavor can help to balance out the sweetness of other malt varieties and provide a pleasant complexity to the overall beer profile.

One of the advantages of using CARAFA® Special Type 2 is that it can add color and flavor without contributing excessive astringency or harshness. This makes it a popular choice among brewers who want to achieve a dark beer without overwhelming the palate with bitterness. The malt is carefully roasted to achieve the desired characteristics, ensuring that it enhances the beer without overpowering it.

CARAFA® Special Type 2 can be used in a variety of beer styles, including stouts, porters, schwarzbiers, and even some Belgian ales. Its versatility allows brewers to experiment with different recipes and create unique and flavorful beers. The recommended usage rate for this malt is typically around 1-5% of the total grain bill, depending on the desired intensity of color and flavor.

Personally, I have used CARAFA® Special Type 2 in a few of my homebrew recipes, and I have found it to be a fantastic addition to dark beers. It adds a beautiful deep color and imparts a subtle roasted flavor that complements the other malt flavors in the beer. I particularly enjoy using it in stouts, as it helps to create a rich and velvety mouthfeel.

Weyermann® CARAFA® Special Type 2 is a dark-roasted specialty malt made from high-quality spring barley. It adds a dark color and unique flavor to beers, without contributing excessive bitterness. Its versatility and quality make it a popular choice among brewers looking to create dark and flavorful beers.