Who won the PGA at Shoal Creek?

Answered by Stephen Mosley

The winner of the PGA Works Collegiate Championship at Shoal Creek in Alabama was Howard University. This victory was particularly impressive because Howard is a relatively new program, only in its third year of existence. Despite their limited history, they managed to win the tournament for the second consecutive year, demonstrating their exceptional talent and potential.

The star of the tournament was undoubtedly Everett Whiten Jr., who played a crucial role in Howard’s success. In the final round, Whiten Jr. put on a remarkable performance, firing an impressive 8-under 64. His exceptional play not only helped him secure an individual victory but also contributed significantly to Howard’s team success.

The team’s dominance was evident in their final score of 25-under 835, which was an astounding 57 shots better than the nearest competitor. This significant margin of victory is a testament to the team’s exceptional skill and consistent performance throughout the tournament.

It is worth noting that winning a tournament of this magnitude requires a combination of individual brilliance and team cohesion. Howard University’s victory at Shoal Creek exemplifies their ability to come together as a team and perform at the highest level. Each member of the team played their part in contributing to the overall success, with Whiten Jr. leading the charge with his outstanding final-round performance.

The PGA Works Collegiate Championship is an important event in the collegiate golf calendar, showcasing the talents of student-athletes from historically Black colleges and universities. Howard University’s triumph at this prestigious tournament not only highlights their golf program’s excellence but also serves as an inspiration to other HBCUs and underrepresented communities in the golfing world.

Howard University emerged as the victors of the PGA Works Collegiate Championship at Shoal Creek. Their impressive team performance, led by the exceptional play of Everett Whiten Jr., secured their second consecutive title. This achievement not only highlights their golf program’s success but also serves as a significant milestone for HBCUs and underrepresented communities in the sport of golf.