How old is lailah?

Answered by Jason Smith

Lailah’s age is a topic that has been a subject of speculation and discussion among fans of the Tales of series. While she is indeed a significant character in the Tales universe, it is surprising to note that she is not explicitly mentioned in Tales of Berseria, despite being confirmed to be at least a thousand years old. This absence of reference to Lailah in the game raises questions and leads to various interpretations.

Lailah’s age is a fascinating aspect of her character. As a Seraph in the Tales series, she belongs to a race of beings known for their longevity and connection to the spiritual realm. It is common for Seraphim to live for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Lailah’s age, however, is particularly notable, as she has been confirmed to have existed for over a millennium.

The lack of any mention of Lailah in Tales of Berseria may seem odd, especially considering her prominence in other games within the series. It is possible that the writers and developers of Tales of Berseria made a deliberate choice to focus on other characters and storylines, leaving Lailah’s presence unaddressed. This could be seen as a missed opportunity, particularly for fans who have grown fond of Lailah and her role in previous games.

One possible explanation for Lailah’s absence in Tales of Berseria could be that the events of the game take place in a different time period or dimension than those in which Lailah is active. The Tales series often explores various worlds and timelines, and it is not uncommon for characters from previous games to be omitted or have their stories altered in later installments. While this may disappoint fans who were hoping for Lailah’s inclusion, it is a creative decision that the developers have the freedom to make.

Another interpretation could be that the developers simply wanted to focus on establishing new characters and storylines in Tales of Berseria, without relying too heavily on the connections and references to previous games. This approach allows the game to stand on its own and appeal to both longtime fans and newcomers to the series. By choosing not to mention Lailah explicitly, the writers may have aimed to create a fresh narrative experience.

While it is intriguing to speculate on the reasons behind Lailah’s absence in Tales of Berseria, it is important to remember that the series is vast and complex, with numerous interconnected stories and characters. Each game offers a unique perspective and explores different aspects of the Tales universe. Lailah’s age, though noteworthy, may not have been a central element in the narrative of Tales of Berseria, which could explain her omission.

Lailah’s age is confirmed to be over a thousand years old, showcasing her long-standing presence in the Tales series. However, despite being a well-established and beloved character, she is not mentioned in Tales of Berseria. The reasons behind this omission can only be speculated upon, as the developers’ creative decisions and the narrative focus of the game play a significant role in shaping the story and characters. Regardless of her absence in Tales of Berseria, Lailah’s age remains an intriguing aspect of her character, contributing to her depth and significance in the wider Tales universe.