Who owns howler head bourbon?

Answered by Jarrod Smith

Campari Group, the owner of Wild Turkey, has recently acquired a 15% stake in the popular flavoured Bourbon brand, Howler Head. This purchase was made for a hefty sum of US$15 million, and the deal was finalized on August 24th. The minority stake was purchased from Catalyst Spirits, and it marks Campari Group’s entry into the banana-flavoured Bourbon market.

It is interesting to note that Campari Group is an Italian company, known for its portfolio of alcoholic beverages. They are no strangers to the spirits industry, and their acquisition of Howler Head showcases their continued interest in expanding their presence in different segments of the market.

Howler Head, the brand in question, is known for its unique and distinctive banana-flavoured Bourbon. This bold and unconventional flavor has gained significant popularity among spirits enthusiasts, leading to its success in the market. The brand has managed to carve out a niche for itself by offering something different from traditional Bourbon options.

Catalyst Spirits, the previous owner of Howler Head, made the decision to sell a minority stake to Campari Group, likely to capitalize on the brand’s success and the growing demand for flavoured Bourbons. This strategic move allows Catalyst Spirits to benefit from Campari Group’s resources, distribution network, and overall industry expertise to further expand the brand’s reach and potential.

The acquisition of Howler Head by Campari Group not only strengthens their portfolio but also demonstrates their commitment to staying relevant and innovative in the ever-evolving spirits industry. By embracing unique flavours and catering to changing consumer preferences, they are positioning themselves for long-term growth and success.

As an expert in the spirits industry, I have observed how flavoured Bourbons have gained popularity over the years. Consumers are becoming more adventurous in their choices and are seeking out new and exciting flavor profiles. Howler Head’s banana-flavoured Bourbon is a prime example of this trend, as it offers a unique twist on a classic spirit.

Campari Group now owns a 15% stake in Howler Head Bourbon after purchasing it from Catalyst Spirits for a significant sum of US$15 million. This acquisition signifies Campari Group’s entry into the flavoured Bourbon market and their commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends. Howler Head’s distinctive banana-flavoured Bourbon has resonated with consumers, leading to its success in the market. With the support and resources of Campari Group, the brand is poised for further growth and expansion.