What is a king tail?

Answered by Frank Schwing

A King’s Tail is a level set in Egypt in the game. It serves as the first level of the game and introduces players to the world and gameplay mechanics. In this level, players will encounter various elements and obstacles that they need to overcome to progress.

One of the prominent features of A King’s Tail is the presence of large obelisks. These towering structures are iconic symbols of ancient Egypt and add a sense of grandeur to the level. Players can interact with these obelisks, either by destroying them or using them as platforms to reach higher areas. The destruction of these obelisks rewards players with Mojo, the in-game currency used to upgrade abilities and unlock new content.

Pyramids also make an appearance in A King’s Tail. These ancient structures serve as both obstacles and opportunities for players. They can explore the intricate passages and chambers within the pyramids, which may contain hidden treasures or bonus items. However, they must also navigate the traps and puzzles that guard these treasures, adding an element of challenge to the level.

Apart from obelisks and pyramids, the level also features various other buildings and objects that can be interacted with. Players can destroy these structures to collect Mojo and uncover hidden secrets. The level design encourages exploration and experimentation, rewarding players for their curiosity.

While A King’s Tail is the first level of the game, the enemies encountered in this level are not particularly difficult to fight against. They serve as basic enemies to help players familiarize themselves with combat mechanics. This allows players to learn and experiment with different strategies and abilities without feeling overwhelmed.

A King’s Tail provides players with a visually stunning and immersive experience set in Egypt. The level design, with its obelisks, pyramids, and destructible objects, offers a sense of adventure and discovery. The gameplay mechanics and enemy encounters in this level serve as a gentle introduction to the game, preparing players for the challenges that lie ahead in subsequent levels.