Who kills Maven in Red Queen?

Answered by James Kissner

In the thrilling conclusion to the Red Queen series, War Storm, Mare Barrow finds herself face to face with her nemesis, Maven Calore, in a Silent Stone cell. The tension between them is palpable as they engage in a deadly battle of wills.

Maven, consumed by his thirst for power and desperate to maintain control over his kingdom, has relentlessly pursued Mare throughout the series. He has manipulated, betrayed, and even killed to keep her under his control. As the final battle between the Scarlet Guard and the Silver monarchy looms, Maven’s grip on power begins to slip, and he becomes increasingly unhinged.

In the climactic scene, Maven, driven to a state of madness, corners Mare in the Silent Stone cell, intent on ending her life once and for all. As he wraps his hands around her throat, Mare’s survival instincts kick in, and she fights back with every ounce of strength she has left.

The struggle between them is fierce, as both characters are pushed to their limits. Maven’s desperation fuels his aggression, but Mare’s determination to survive and protect those she loves gives her the strength to fight back. In a moment of pure instinct, Mare manages to overpower Maven, forcing him to release his grip on her throat.

With Maven momentarily stunned, Mare seizes the opportunity and strikes back, landing a fatal blow. Maven’s life slips away, his reign of terror coming to an end at the hands of the very person he sought to destroy.

The death of Maven at the hands of Mare is a pivotal moment in the series. It symbolizes the triumph of good over evil and the ultimate downfall of a tyrant. It also serves as a cathartic release for Mare, who has endured so much suffering at Maven’s hands.

The scene is intense and emotionally charged, as readers have witnessed the complex relationship between Maven and Mare throughout the series. Maven’s demise brings a sense of closure and justice to those who have followed the story from the beginning.

Maven Calore meets his end in War Storm at the hands of Mare Barrow. Their final encounter is a culmination of their tumultuous relationship, and Mare’s struggle for survival ultimately leads to Maven’s demise. This pivotal moment in the series brings a satisfying resolution to the conflict between the two characters and serves as a turning point in the fight for justice and freedom.