WHO is Queenie and Jacobs child?

Answered by Willian Lymon

Based on the information provided, it is possible that Quentin Kowalski could be a descendant of Jacob and Queenie Goldstein. However, it is important to note that this scenario would go against Rappaport’s Law, which prohibited relationships between wizards and No-Majs in the United States.

In order for Jacob and Queenie to marry and have a child, they would have had to leave the United States to avoid prosecution. This would have been a difficult decision for them to make, as they would have had to leave behind their family, friends, and the life they knew.

If Quentin Kowalski is indeed their child, it would mean that Jacob and Queenie were willing to go to great lengths to protect their love and their family. They would have had to navigate the challenges of living in a different country, possibly facing discrimination and prejudice, all for the sake of their relationship and their child.

It is important to consider the potential consequences of this situation. Rappaport’s Law was put in place to maintain the secrecy of the wizarding world and to prevent any mingling between wizards and No-Majs. If Quentin’s existence became known, it could have had serious implications for both the wizarding and No-Maj communities.

This raises various questions and possibilities. Did Jacob and Queenie live in hiding, constantly on the run, or did they manage to find a safe and secure place to raise their child? Did they ever return to the United States or did they establish a new life elsewhere? How did Quentin grow up, knowing that his parents’ love was considered forbidden?

It is also worth considering the impact of Quentin’s heritage on his own magical abilities. If he is indeed a descendant of wizards, he may possess magical powers of his own. This could have further complicated his upbringing, as he would have had to conceal his abilities from the No-Maj world.

While it is possible that Quentin Kowalski is a descendant of Jacob and Queenie Goldstein, it would have required them to leave the United States and go against Rappaport’s Law. This would have undoubtedly posed significant challenges for the couple and their child. The circumstances surrounding Quentin’s upbringing, the choices his parents made, and the potential consequences of their actions are all intriguing aspects to explore in this hypothetical scenario.