What does ring doorbell do without a subscription?

Answered by Willian Lymon

Without a subscription, the Ring doorbell still provides some useful features, although it does have limitations. Let’s explore what you can expect without a Ring Protect plan.

1. Real-time video: You can still view live video footage from your Ring doorbell or security camera without a subscription. This means that whenever someone rings your doorbell or triggers the motion sensors, you can see and hear what’s happening in real-time through the Ring app on your smartphone or tablet. This can be particularly handy if you’re expecting a delivery or want to keep an eye on your property.

2. Doorbell notifications: Even without a subscription, you’ll receive doorbell notifications on your mobile device when someone presses the doorbell. This allows you to remotely answer the doorbell and communicate with the person at your doorstep using the two-way audio feature. It’s a convenient way to interact with visitors, even if you’re not at home.

However, there are some limitations to keep in mind without a Ring Protect plan:

1. No video recordings: One significant drawback of not having a subscription is the absence of video recordings. Without a Ring Protect plan, you won’t be able to access or review any video footage captured by your Ring doorbell or security camera. This means that if an event occurs while you’re away or unable to immediately check your phone, you won’t have a recorded video to reference later.

2. Limited storage: Without a subscription, the Ring doorbell doesn’t offer any cloud storage for video recordings. Instead, it relies on local storage within the device itself. This means you can only store a limited amount of video footage on the Ring doorbell before it starts overwriting older recordings. Depending on the device model, the storage capacity may vary, but it’s typically not enough to retain a significant amount of footage.

3. No advanced features: Ring Protect plans offer additional features such as advanced motion detection, custom motion zones, and the ability to share video recordings with friends, family, or law enforcement. Without a subscription, you won’t have access to these advanced features, which could limit your ability to tailor the device’s settings to your specific needs.

Even without a subscription, a Ring doorbell can still provide real-time video and allow you to answer doorbell notifications remotely. However, you won’t have access to video recordings, advanced features, or cloud storage for your footage. It’s worth considering whether the benefits of a Ring Protect plan, such as video recordings and additional features, outweigh the cost for your specific needs and peace of mind.