Can I use a MacBook Pro as a monitor?

Answered by Michael Wilson

You can use a MacBook Pro as a monitor for another device, such as a PC, using various methods. One popular way to achieve this is by using a free application called Deskreen. This application allows you to turn your MacBook Pro into a second display for your PC, effectively extending your desktop space or mirroring your PC’s screen.

To use your MacBook Pro as a monitor, you’ll need to follow these steps:

1. Download and install Deskreen: Start by downloading and installing the Deskreen application on both your MacBook Pro and the PC you want to use as the primary device. Deskreen is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

2. Launch Deskreen on your MacBook Pro: Open the Deskreen application on your MacBook Pro. You will see a unique URL displayed on the screen.

3. Connect your MacBook Pro to your PC: On your PC, open a web browser and enter the URL shown on your MacBook Pro’s screen. This will establish a connection between your MacBook Pro and the PC.

4. Configure screen options: Once the connection is established, you can configure the display options according to your preference. You can choose to extend your PC’s screen onto the MacBook Pro, effectively increasing your workspace, or you can mirror your PC’s screen to the MacBook Pro, displaying the same content on both devices.

5. Enjoy using your MacBook Pro as a second monitor: After configuring the display options, you can now enjoy using your MacBook Pro as a second monitor for your PC. You can move windows and applications between the two screens, effectively utilizing the additional desktop space provided by your MacBook Pro.

Using Deskreen to turn your MacBook Pro into a second monitor can be a convenient solution when you need extra screen real estate or when you want to mirror your PC’s screen for presentations or collaborative work.

It’s worth noting that while Deskreen is a free application and provides a straightforward way to use your MacBook Pro as a monitor, there may be some limitations. For example, the performance and responsiveness of the second display may depend on the speed and stability of your network connection. Additionally, Deskreen may not support certain features, such as touchscreen functionality, on your MacBook Pro when used as a second monitor.

Yes, you can use a MacBook Pro as a monitor for your PC by using applications like Deskreen. It’s a convenient way to extend your desktop space or mirror your PC’s screen, providing you with more flexibility and productivity in your workflow.