Who is Nana pregnant with?

Answered by Jason Smith

Nana K.’s pregnancy is a significant turning point in the story of Nana. While there may have been some initial doubts about the identity of the father, it becomes clear that the child she is carrying belongs to Takumi. This certainty is reinforced by the thoughts that run through Nana’s mind when she first learns about her pregnancy.

In the moments after discovering she is expecting a child, Nana’s mind is flooded with memories of Takumi expressing annoyance at the mere possibility of her getting pregnant. This suggests that Nana is convinced that Takumi is the father of her unborn baby. It is interesting to note that Nana’s certainty is not explicitly confirmed in the story, but her thoughts strongly imply it.

As the story progresses, we see glimpses of Nana’s life as a mother. She becomes the proud mother of a daughter named Satsuki Ichinose and a son named Ren Ichinose. These names reveal that both children share the Ichinose surname, further reinforcing the notion that Takumi is indeed the father.

It is worth mentioning that the story does not delve into the details of how Nana’s pregnancy unfolds or how she copes with being a mother. The focus of the narrative is primarily on the complex relationships and personal growth of the characters. Nevertheless, the presence of Nana’s children in future sequences indicates that her pregnancy is a significant part of her life and plays a role in shaping her character and experiences.

While the story may not explicitly state that Nana is pregnant with Takumi’s child, the hints and implications strongly suggest that he is the father. The subsequent presence of Nana’s children further solidifies this assumption.