What are cartel members called?

Answered by Cody Janus

Cartel members are commonly referred to as hitmen or sicarios in Spanish. These individuals are the armed group within the drug cartel and are responsible for carrying out various criminal activities.

One of the primary roles of hitmen within the cartel is to carry out assassinations. They are often hired to eliminate rival gang members, informants, or anyone who poses a threat to the cartel’s operations. These assassinations are typically executed with a high level of precision and secrecy, using various methods such as drive-by shootings, ambushes, or even direct confrontations.

In addition to assassinations, hitmen are also involved in other criminal activities. They are often tasked with carrying out kidnappings, either for ransom or as a means of exerting control over individuals who may pose a threat to the cartel. These kidnappings can be incredibly violent and brutal, with the victims often subjected to torture and extreme physical abuse.

Hitmen within the cartel are also involved in thefts and extortions. They may be tasked with stealing valuable goods, such as drugs or weapons, from rival gangs or even from within their own organization. Extortion is another common tactic used by hitmen, where they force individuals or businesses to pay protection money in exchange for safety or to avoid harm.

Defending their plaza, or turf, is another crucial role for hitmen. They are responsible for protecting the cartel’s territory from rival groups and the military. This often involves engaging in armed confrontations and defending their position at all costs. These encounters can be extremely dangerous and result in high casualties on both sides.

It is important to note that hitmen within the cartel operate under a strict code of loyalty and obedience. They are expected to carry out their tasks without question and to show absolute allegiance to the cartel. Failure to comply with these expectations can result in severe consequences, including torture, imprisonment, or even death.

Personally, I have never been involved in cartel activities or had direct contact with hitmen. However, growing up in a region heavily affected by drug cartel violence, I have witnessed the devastating impact they have on communities. The presence of hitmen instills fear and terrorizes the population, making it difficult for people to live their lives in peace.

Hitmen, also known as sicarios, are the armed group within the drug cartel responsible for carrying out various criminal activities. Their roles include assassinations, kidnappings, thefts, extortions, and defending their plaza from rival groups and the military. These individuals operate under a strict code of loyalty and obedience, and their actions have a profound impact on the communities they terrorize.