Who Has the Claim to Todoroki’s Heart?

Todoroki Shouto, one of the main characters in the popular anime series “My Hero Academia,” is a complex character with a range of emotions and relationships. One aspect of his character that has captured the attention of fans is his romantic interest. Many fans speculate about who Todoroki likes and who he may end up with.

One character that stands out as a potential love interest for Todoroki is Midoriya Izuku, also known as Deku. Throughout the series, there are several instances where Todoroki’s feelings for Izuku are hinted at. Todoroki is easily jealous when Izuku interacts with others and shows a strong desire to be with him. Whenever they are together, Todoroki becomes flustered and blushes furiously, indicating his deep feelings for Izuku. Additionally, Todoroki tries his best to resist the urge to kiss Izuku when they get too close, further highlighting his attraction to him.

Another character who is speculated to be Todoroki’s potential love interest is Yaoyorozu Momo. Yosetsu Awase, a classmate of Todoroki’s, is shown to have an onscreen crush on Momo. This raises the likelihood of a romantic relationship between them. Furthermore, fans have observed Todoroki and Momo working together in battle situations and supporting each other during difficult times, which suggests a strong bond between them.

It is important to note that Todoroki’s relationship with his family, particularly his father Enji, also known as Endeavor, plays a significant role in his character development. Enji is married to Todoroki’s mother, Rei. While Enji initially seemed to show indifference towards Todoroki, it is hinted that there is a deeper resentment between Todoroki and his older brother, Dabi. Dabi, who is revealed to be a villain, despises Todoroki even more because Todoroki inherited his mother’s ice powers, which regulate his flames, while Dabi only inherited his mother’s low tolerance to fire.

Todoroki’s romantic interests in “My Hero Academia” have been subjects of speculation among fans. While some fans believe that Todoroki’s feelings for Midoriya Izuku are strong, others suggest a potential relationship with Yaoyorozu Momo. The dynamics between Todoroki and his family, particularly his strained relationship with his father Enji and his brother Dabi, also add complexity to his character. Ultimately, the direction of Todoroki’s love life is yet to be fully explored in the series, leaving fans eager to see how his relationships unfold.

Who Is Shoto’s Crush?

Shoto’s crush is Izuku. Shoto exhibits signs of jealousy and a strong desire to be with Izuku. He becomes easily flustered in Izuku’s presence, often blushing intensely. Shoto’s feelings for Izuku are so intense that he restrains himself from spontaneously kissing him when they get too close. Shoto’s emotions towards Izuku are evident through his actions and reactions, indicating a deep attraction and longing for a romantic relationship with Izuku.

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Does Shoto Have A Crush On Momo?

There is no explicit evidence to suggest that Shoto Todoroki has a romantic interest or crush on Momo Yaoyorozu in the My Hero Academia series. While Shoto and Momo have interacted and worked together in various situations, their relationship has not been portrayed in a romantic context thus far. It is important to note that in the series, characters’ relationships can evolve and develop over time, so it is always possible for a romantic connection to be introduced in the future. However, based on the currently available information, there is no definitive indication that Shoto has a crush on Momo.

Does Dabi Love Shoto?

According to the storyline in My Hero Academia, it is not explicitly stated whether Dabi loves Shoto or not. In fact, Dabi’s feelings towards Shoto are quite complex and layered. While it is clear that Dabi holds a deep resentment towards their father, Endeavor, for his abusive treatment towards their family, his feelings towards Shoto are not as straightforward.

Dabi’s actions and words suggest that he harbors a strong dislike for Shoto. This can be seen in his attempts to make Endeavor feel despair by revealing his abusive past and manipulating the public’s perception of him. Dabi’s ultimate goal seems to be to dismantle Endeavor’s position as the number one hero and bring him down.

It is hinted that Dabi’s animosity towards Shoto stems from the fact that Shoto inherited their mother’s ice powers, which allow him to regulate his flames. In contrast, Dabi only inherited their mother’s low tolerance to fire, resulting in his body being constantly burned by his own flames. This imbalance of power and the perception that Shoto was favored by their father could contribute to Dabi’s resentment towards him.

However, it is important to note that Dabi’s true intentions and emotions have not been fully revealed in the storyline yet. The complexity of his character leaves room for speculation and interpretation. It is possible that there are deeper reasons behind his behavior towards Shoto, which may be explored in future developments of the series.

While Dabi’s actions and words suggest that he does not love Shoto and holds a strong dislike towards him, the full extent of his feelings and motivations have not been explicitly addressed in the My Hero Academia storyline.


It is evident that Todoroki has strong feelings for Izuku. His easily jealous nature and desperate desire to be with Izuku highlight his deep emotional connection to him. Todoroki’s flustered and blushing reactions when around Izuku further demonstrate his intense attraction. The struggle to restrain himself from kissing Izuku when they are in close proximity reveals the extent of his longing. Furthermore, the onscreen crush of Yosetsu Awase on Momo increases the likelihood of Todoroki and Izuku becoming a couple. Their teamwork in battle situations and unwavering support for each other during difficult times further solidify their potential romantic relationship. Todoroki’s affections are clearly directed towards Izuku, making them a promising pair in the eyes of fans.

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