Will my hair still grow while in cornrows?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

Your hair will still grow while in cornrows. The growth of hair is a natural process that occurs regardless of the hairstyle you choose. However, it’s important to note that while your hair is in cornrows, it may be more difficult to monitor the actual length of your hair since the strands are braided and not fully visible.

Cornrows can be a protective style that helps to minimize manipulation and tension on the hair, which can promote healthy hair growth. By keeping your hair in cornrows, you are reducing the chances of breakage and damage that can occur from daily styling and manipulation. This can allow your hair to retain length and grow longer over time.

Additionally, cornrows can help to distribute the weight of your hair more evenly, which can reduce strain on the scalp and hair follicles. This can create a healthier environment for your hair to grow. However, it’s important to ensure that the cornrows are not done too tightly, as this can cause tension and potentially lead to hair loss or damage.

While your hair is in cornrows, it’s crucial to maintain proper hair care practices to support healthy growth. This includes regularly moisturizing your scalp and hair, keeping the cornrows clean, and avoiding excessive tension or pulling on the braids.

It’s also important to note that keeping your cornrows in for an extended period, such as longer than 6 weeks, may not necessarily result in additional hair growth. Hair growth occurs from the hair follicles beneath the scalp, and keeping the hair in cornrows does not directly affect the growth rate. In fact, leaving the cornrows in for too long can lead to tangling, matting, and potential damage to the hair. Therefore, it’s generally recommended to remove and redo cornrows every 4-6 weeks to maintain the health and integrity of your hair.

While your hair will still grow while in cornrows, it’s important to maintain proper care and not keep them in for an excessive amount of time. By practicing good hair care and regularly refreshing your cornrows, you can promote healthy hair growth and maintain the overall health and appearance of your hair.