Who are skate doubles in Blades of Glory?

Answered by James Kissner

In the movie “Blades of Glory,” skate doubles play a crucial role in bringing the skating sequences to life. These individuals are highly skilled professional skaters who perform the difficult and complex routines on behalf of the actors. By doing so, they ensure that the skating scenes are executed flawlessly and convincingly on screen.

One such skate double in the movie is Tiffany Scott, who is seen skating with actor Amy Poehler. Tiffany Scott is an accomplished figure skater with a wealth of experience in both singles and pairs skating. Her expertise in pairs skating made her a perfect choice to double for Amy Poehler, who portrayed the character of a pairs skater in the film.

Another skate double in “Blades of Glory” is Patrick Hancock, who skates for actor Will Arnett. Patrick Hancock is a talented figure skater known for his technical precision and artistic flair. With his impressive skills, he was able to seamlessly portray the skating sequences for Will Arnett’s character in the movie.

Skate doubles are essential in films like “Blades of Glory” because they allow the actors to focus on their performances without the added pressure of executing challenging skating moves. These doubles undergo rigorous training and rehearsal processes to ensure that they can replicate the actors’ movements and maintain continuity throughout the film.

Being a skate double requires not only exceptional skating abilities but also a deep understanding of the characters and their motivations. The doubles need to embody the essence of the actors they are skating for, capturing their style and mannerisms on the ice. This level of dedication and attention to detail helps create a seamless integration between the actors and their doubles, enhancing the overall authenticity of the skating sequences.

Skate doubles often work closely with the actors and the film’s choreographers to ensure that the routines are executed with precision and accuracy. They may spend hours rehearsing the routines, analyzing the actors’ performances, and making adjustments to ensure that every movement is in sync with the characters’ personalities and the storyline.

In addition to their technical skills, skate doubles also play an important role in maintaining the safety of the actors during the filming process. They are responsible for executing the more dangerous and physically demanding elements of the routines, minimizing the risk of injury to the actors. This collaboration between the doubles and the actors allows for a seamless blend of performance and safety on set.

Skate doubles are vital in movies like “Blades of Glory” as they bring the skating sequences to life, allowing the actors to focus on their performances. Tiffany Scott and Patrick Hancock are two notable skate doubles who contributed their exceptional skills to the film. Through their expertise and dedication, they helped create a visually stunning and authentic portrayal of figure skating on screen.