Who all has Saweetie dated?

Answered by Tom Adger

Saweetie, the talented rapper and songwriter, has had a few notable relationships over the years. Let’s dive into her dating history and explore the individuals she has been romantically linked with.

First up, we have Keith Powers. Saweetie and Keith reportedly dated from 2010 to 2014. They were together for a solid four years, and though details about their relationship are scarce, it’s clear that they shared a significant connection during that time.

Moving on, Saweetie was then linked to Justin Combs in 2016. Justin, the son of renowned rapper and entrepreneur Sean “Diddy” Combs, caught Saweetie’s attention, and the two reportedly dated for a while. While the exact duration of their relationship remains undisclosed, it’s safe to say that they enjoyed each other’s company during that period.

We come to Saweetie’s most well-known and publicized relationship with Quavo, a member of the popular rap group Migos. The couple began dating in 2018 and were together for three years before their highly publicized breakup in 2021. Saweetie and Quavo’s relationship garnered significant media attention, with fans often referring to them as a power couple in the hip-hop industry.

While their relationship had its highs, including cute social media interactions and collaborations on music projects, it also faced its fair share of challenges. In March 2021, Saweetie confirmed their split on Twitter, citing trust issues and stating that she had emotionally checked out of the relationship. The breakup made headlines, and fans were left speculating about the reasons behind their separation.

Saweetie’s dating history includes relationships with Keith Powers, Justin Combs, and most notably, Quavo. Each of these relationships had its own dynamics and played a role in shaping Saweetie’s personal life. While her romantic journey has had its ups and downs, Saweetie continues to focus on her music career and personal growth.