Where is the Cast button on my phone?

Answered by Douglas Hiatt

On my phone, the Cast button is located on the right side of the screen in mobile apps. This placement is consistent with the design guidelines followed by many app developers. By placing the Cast button on the right side, it ensures that it is easily accessible and within reach for users who hold their phones with their right hand.

I have noticed that this design choice is prevalent across various apps, whether it be streaming services like Netflix or media players like YouTube. It seems to have become a standard placement for the Cast button in mobile app interfaces.

In addition to mobile apps, I have also observed that in the Chrome browser, the Cast button is typically positioned on the right side in the content media controls. This placement is particularly noticeable when there is an embedded video on a webpage. The Cast button is usually situated to the right of the video playback controls.

When the media controls in Chrome include a fullscreen button, the Cast button is usually placed to the left of it. This arrangement allows users to easily access the Cast functionality without any interference from the fullscreen button. It ensures that the Cast button remains visible and easily accessible even when the video is in fullscreen mode.

I find this design choice to be quite intuitive and user-friendly. Placing the Cast button on the right side, whether in mobile apps or Chrome, allows for easy access and enhances the overall user experience. It reduces the need for unnecessary hand movements or stretching to reach the Cast button, making it more convenient for users.

The consistent placement of the Cast button on the right side in mobile apps and Chrome reflects a user-centric design approach. It prioritizes accessibility and ease of use, ensuring that users can effortlessly cast their media to compatible devices without any hassle.