What does Curtis Conway do now?

Answered by Antonio Sutton

Curtis Conway currently holds multiple roles within the sports broadcasting industry. One of his main positions is with Pac-12 Networks, where he works as a color analyst. This means that he provides commentary and analysis during live broadcasts of Pac-12 college football games. As a color analyst, Conway offers insights and expertise on the game, players, and strategies being employed by the teams.

In addition to his work with Pac-12 Networks, Conway also serves as a color analyst for Compass Media Networks. This allows him to expand his coverage beyond college football and into the realm of professional football. He provides commentary and analysis for both college football and NFL radio broadcasts. This demonstrates his versatility and knowledge of the sport, as he is able to analyze and discuss games at both the college and professional levels.

Conway’s involvement in the sports broadcasting industry extends beyond his work as a color analyst. He is also a regular contributor to FOX 11 Los Angeles’ NFL highlight show called Overtime. On this show, he offers his insights and analysis on the latest NFL games and storylines. This gives him a platform to share his expertise with a wider audience and engage in discussions about the sport.

Throughout his various roles, Conway’s expertise and knowledge of football shine through. He is able to provide valuable insights and analysis to viewers and listeners, enhancing their understanding and enjoyment of the games. His experience as a former professional football player, having played in the NFL for over a decade, adds depth and credibility to his commentary.

Curtis Conway currently works as a color analyst for Pac-12 Networks, providing commentary and analysis for college football broadcasts. He also serves as a color analyst for Compass Media Networks, covering both college football and NFL radio broadcasts. Additionally, Conway is a regular contributor on FOX 11 Los Angeles’ NFL highlight show Overtime. His expertise and experience as a former NFL player make him a respected and knowledgeable voice in the sports broadcasting industry.