Where are most of the distilleries in Ireland?

Answered by Jarrod Smith

Most of the distilleries in Ireland are located in various regions across the country. Here are some of the best distilleries to discover in Ireland:

1. Kilbeggan Distillery, Westmeath: Situated in the heart of Ireland, this distillery is one of the oldest licensed distilleries in the world. It offers guided tours where you can learn about the history and production of whiskey.

2. New Midleton Distillery, Cork: Home to the Jameson Experience, this distillery provides an immersive tour where you can explore the heritage and craftsmanship behind Jameson Irish Whiskey. You can also participate in whiskey blending and tasting workshops.

3. Bushmills Distillery, Antrim: Located in Northern Ireland, this distillery has been producing whiskey for over 400 years. Take a tour to see the traditional whiskey-making process and enjoy a tasting session of their award-winning whiskeys.

4. Teeling Distillery, Dublin: Situated in the heart of Dublin’s Liberties, this distillery offers a unique visitor experience. Learn about the history of Irish whiskey, see the distillation process, and enjoy a tasting of their premium whiskeys.

5. Tullamore DEW Distillery, Offaly: Explore the birthplace of Tullamore DEW whiskey at this distillery. Take a guided tour to discover the whiskey-making process, visit the maturation warehouse, and enjoy a tasting of their renowned whiskeys.

6. Slane Whiskey Distillery, Meath: Located on the grounds of Slane Castle, this distillery combines tradition and innovation. Learn about their triple-cask maturation process, explore the distillery’s unique architecture, and indulge in a tasting of Slane Irish Whiskey.

7. Glendalough Distillery, Wicklow: Nestled in the picturesque Wicklow Mountains, this distillery focuses on producing handcrafted, small-batch whiskeys. Take a tour to learn about their distilling methods, enjoy the beautiful surroundings, and sample their unique range of whiskeys.

8. Powerscourt Distillery, Wicklow: Set within the stunning Powerscourt Estate, this distillery offers a luxury whiskey experience. Learn about the estate’s rich history, explore their state-of-the-art distillery, and savor the flavors of their premium whiskeys.

9. Dingle Distillery, Kerry: Located on the Dingle Peninsula, this distillery is known for its artisanal approach to whiskey production. Take a tour to discover their small-batch distilling process, learn about their unique cask management, and taste their award-winning spirits.

10. West Cork Distillers, Cork: Situated in Skibbereen, this distillery produces a range of Irish whiskeys, gins, and vodkas. Visit their visitor center to learn about their distilling techniques, enjoy tastings, and even create your own personalized bottle.

These are just a few of the many distilleries you can explore in Ireland. Each offers a unique experience, allowing you to delve into the rich history and flavors of Irish whiskey. So, whether you’re a whiskey enthusiast or simply curious about the craft, visiting these distilleries is a must-do when in Ireland.