When was Odie created?

Answered by James Kissner

Odie, the lovable and sometimes dimwitted canine companion of Garfield, was created by Jim Davis. Odie made his first appearance on August 8th, 1978, in the comic strip Garfield.

Odie’s introduction into the Garfield comic strip brought a new dynamic to the series. With his playful and energetic personality, Odie quickly became a fan favorite. He often found himself on the receiving end of Garfield’s pranks and schemes, but his unwavering loyalty and innocent nature endeared him to readers.

Since his debut, Odie has appeared in various forms of media. He has made appearances in the animated television series Garfield and Friends and The Garfield Show, bringing his lovable character to life on screen. Additionally, Odie has been featured in two live-action/CGI feature films and three fully CGI films, further solidifying his place in popular culture.

Odie’s role in the Garfield comic strip and other media adaptations has remained consistent over the years. He is depicted as a loyal, friendly, and sometimes naïve companion to Garfield, often providing comedic relief with his playful antics and unintentional mishaps.

The character of Odie has been voiced by Gregg Berger in various animated adaptations, adding his unique voice and personality to the beloved canine. This further enhances Odie’s charm and brings him to life for audiences of all ages.

Odie’s creation on August 8th, 1978, marked a significant milestone in the Garfield comic strip. His introduction brought a new dynamic and lovable character to the series, captivating readers and viewers alike. Since then, Odie has become an integral part of the Garfield franchise, making his mark in various forms of media and continuing to entertain audiences with his playful and endearing nature.