How do you credit Lofi Girl on twitch?

Answered by James Kissner

When it comes to crediting Lofi Girl on Twitch, it’s important to acknowledge the artists whose music you are using in your stream. While Lofi Girl doesn’t explicitly require you to credit them on Twitch, they do appreciate recognition for their work. Here’s how you can credit Lofi Girl and the artists on your Twitch stream:

1. Display an overlay: One way to credit Lofi Girl on Twitch is by creating an overlay or graphic that includes the Lofi Girl logo or name. You can position this overlay in a corner of your stream layout, ensuring it is visible throughout your stream.

2. Mention Lofi Girl verbally: Throughout your stream, you can verbally acknowledge Lofi Girl by mentioning their name and expressing gratitude for the music they provide. This can be done at the beginning of your stream or during breaks between songs.

3. Chat bot command: If you use a chat bot on your Twitch channel, you can create a command that provides information about Lofi Girl. For example, when viewers type “!lofigirl” in the chat, the bot can respond with a brief description of Lofi Girl and a link to their YouTube or Spotify channel.

4. Add a panel below your stream: Twitch allows you to create panels below your stream where you can provide additional information and links. In one of these panels, you can include a section dedicated to crediting Lofi Girl. This section can include a brief description, links to Lofi Girl’s YouTube and Spotify, and a statement expressing your appreciation for their music.

5. Include links in your stream description: When setting up your Twitch stream, you have the option to add a description. In this description, you can include links to Lofi Girl’s YouTube channel and Spotify playlist. This way, viewers can easily access the music you are using and discover more from Lofi Girl.

Remember, it’s not only important to credit Lofi Girl but also the individual artists whose music you are playing during your stream. Lofi Girl provides a platform for various artists, and crediting them helps support their work. In your stream description or overlays, consider adding the following information for each track:

– Artist name
– Track name
– YouTube link to the music used
– Spotify link to the music used

By including this information, you not only credit the artists but also provide your viewers with the opportunity to explore and support their music further.

Additionally, if you have a specific playlist or mix from Lofi Girl that you are using in your stream, be sure to include the playlist or mix title along with the aforementioned details.

While Lofi Girl doesn’t explicitly require Twitch streamers to credit them, showing appreciation and giving credit to both Lofi Girl and the individual artists is a respectful gesture and helps promote their work to a wider audience.

Remember, it’s always a good practice to double-check any specific requirements or guidelines Lofi Girl may have regarding crediting on Twitch. This ensures you are providing the proper recognition and support to the artists and platforms that provide the music you enjoy on your stream.